Automated Email Marketing

Velocity Marketing Software is an automated Email marketing service. All you have to do is set up your campaigns and then start sending them out. The rest is basically done for you. There is a built in suppression list so you do not have to worry about sending out to a lot of bad Emails from the start. The opt-out service is also done automatically. If someone Opts-out from receiving your Emails then they are taken off your list so you do not have to do it manually. You can even set up a date and time for your campaigns to be sent out so you do not have to do this manually either.

The best advantage of using Velocity for automated Email marketing is that you can opt for the full-service. If you choose this option then we will set up your campaigns for you and send them out. From that point, everything is taken care of for you. This option is great for those that do not have a lot of experience with Email marketing or simply do not have the time to send out campaigns.