Email Marketers

Given the success of Email Marketing, more and more people are looking to become Email Marketers. Velocity Marketing Software has one of the most painless processes into making this a reality. Some people get overwhelmed by the prospect of becoming an Email Marketer. However, Velocity Marketing Software will work for you to set up your account precisely the way you want it. There is even a White label service. White labeling is an option for clients that want to completely customize their account with their own logo and page layout. Velocity Marketing Software aims to personalize every aspect of the process so that you do not feel as though you are simply adapting to our system. Instead, the system we have set up will adapt to you.

Being an Email Marketer is a fulfilling way of advertising your company because you will be able to see the results of your campaign. This is something that has not been possible in the past with conventional advertisement methods. Velocity Marketing Software has a complete tracking system for our Email Marketers to see when your emails were received, opened, and subscribed to. The blacklist feature ensures that our Email Marketers are not sending out their campaign needlessly. Velocity Marketing Software gives Email Marketers focus and direction.