Email Marketing

Why choose Velocity Email Marketing?

  • Self service and fully managed email marketing software options
  • Dedicated account manager for your account who you can call!
  • We support both purchased/third party lists and optin lists
  • Our platform is always updated! And we keep on making adding new features all the time
  • Reseller and whitelabel options which allows you to have your own platform for your clients
  • Lowest cost for volume sent in our industry
  • Options to customize the solution to your business needs

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Email Marketing has quickly become a more viable alternative to traditional methods of advertising. This is because of the cost-effective nature and the ability to track a campaign from start to finish. Email Marketing is overtaking other methods. It is an excellent time to being your email marketing campaign. The benefits will be quickly and clearly seen by your company or not-for-profit organization. The effectiveness outweighs traditional advertising methods simply because of the speed your campaign takes. Your email marketing campaign will be sent out to potential clients and consumers as soon as you send your email. This means there is virtually no wait-time to start seeing results.

Given the increasingly fast-paced nature of our world, marketing in traditional means will soon become obsolete. It is important that your business or not-for-profit organization is able to keep up with the ever-changing, fast-paced digital age that we live in. People have begun accepting email marketing as a standard part of life and business. As a result, email marketing is becoming increasingly successful each day.