Marketing Email Lists

Velocity offers the best marketing Email marketing service in the industry. With Velocity, you can either set up your campaigns yourself, or have us create and send out your campaigns for you. We are always looking to make the process as easy on you as possible. We also have a number of great features with our software. You can white label and rebrand our system so that your website reflects your business instead of ours. We also let you use either your list, our list, or a third party list to send out your mass Emails.

Velocity marketing software also has over 100 built in HTML Email templates for you to choose from. These come from a number of different categories that you can pick depending on the type of Email you are sending out. This can range anywhere from sales advertisements to postcards. Another reason why Velocity is the best marketing Email marketing service is the pricing. Velocity offers the lowest prices in the industry for the type of service you get.