Marketing Email Service

Velocity Marketing offers a web-based Marketing Email service. A Marketing Email Service is something that allows for you to send out high volume email advertisements. Our Marketing Email service has several features that are quite useful for Email marketing. First of all, our software is entirely web-based. This means that you do not have to download anything to your computer. Everything you need is already on our website. Our marketing Email service is also unique because if you do not want to create and send campaigns, then we can create and send out campaigns for you.

Our Marketing Email Service also has a built in HTML Email editor. This is good for anyone that may not be too familiar with using HTML. There are over 100 HTML Email Templates to choose from on our Marketing Email Service. This Marketing Email Service is one of the best priced in the industry for everything that also comes with it. Our Marketing Email Service is straightforward and easy to use, but we are also willing to give you full service with our software.