Additional Features :

Message Personalization lets you merge codes allow you to address each Email recipient by name. This is better than using general terms.

Velocity allows you to Enable/Disable Messages so you do not have to delete them from the system.

Custom Sender lets you display a name of your choice in the from and reply-to Email fields.

Preview Messages to see how your messages will look before sending out your campaign.

Appear as professional as possible by using our spell check before sending your Emails out.

Send test messages to yourself to ensure your Email looks exactly how you want it to.

Copy your message series into a new auto responder at the click of a button with duplicate message series

Export Messages to another auto responder series.

Send Multipart Messages in plain text format, HTML format, or both to ensure that users who are not able to read your HTML messages still receive a version that they can access.

Treat your list as a regular mailing list by sending new or saved message broadcasts when it is convenient for you.

Keep track of broadcasts with our Broadcast History feature so you do not end up sending the same campaign twice.

Schedule a broadcast for any time in the future with our Broadcast scheduling feature so you do not have to be at your computer to send out a campaign to your list.

Save broadcasts that you plan to send again a day or a week or even a month later so that you do not have to create it again.

The Next message now feature allows your subscribers to receive the next scheduled message in the series without having to wait.

Use our built in spam scoring to score your messages before sending to make sure that they do not appear like SPAM, which will help you to maintain the highest delivery rate.

Send unique reference numbers to each user.

Use date coding to display the current date or even a future date in your messages relative to when that specific message was sent.

Double Opt-In lets you maintain a permission-based list by requesting confirmation from your new subscribers before adding them to your list.

No need to manually process unsubscribe requests. Our system does it for you automatically with Automatic Unsubscription.

Maintain detailed notes on each subscriber with subscriber notes so you can appeal to his/her individual interests as effectively as possible.

List importing lets you import your subscribers list with the click of a button.

List exporting lets you export your subscribers list with the click of a button.

Be notified by email whenever you gain a new subscriber with subscription notification

Custom Bounce Threshold enables you to set the number of bounces allowed before a subscriber is automatically removed from your list, ensuring you maintain accurate subscriber counts.

Maintain an email/domain blacklist to ensure you do not receive subscribers from sources you indicate.

Single Opt-In allows you to have subscribers added to your list without the need to confirm their subscription intent.

Create custom data fields to track subscriber data of your choosing, and assign merge codes to easily include that data in your messages.

Disable universal unsubscribe is used If/When your subscribers unsubscribe from your list, this feature presents them with all of your mailing lists that they are subscribed to, allowing them to unsubscribe from as many as they would like to at once. This is extremely helpful in keeping down spam complaints.