Snail - 3 connections at a timeĀ  - About 500 per hour to an hour and a half
Very Slow - 10 connections at a time About 3,000 per hour
Slow - 25 connections at a time About 5,000 an hour
Average - 100 connections at a time About 10,000 an hour
Fast - 200 connections at a time About 20,000 an hour
Faster - 300 connections at a time About 40,000 an hour
Fastest - 400 connections at a time. About 50,000 an hour
Warming up IPs works if you have little to no hard bounces. If you do have any small record of bounces it can still ruin your IP reputation. Below we have a warm up period for a 30 million account. Each day, there is a different amount you should warm up at a time.

Day 1 1000
Day 2 2000
Day 3 4000
Day 4 7000
Day 5 11000
Day 6 18000
Day 7 24000
Day 8 40000
Day 9 60000
Day 10 90000
Day 11 140000
Day 12 180000
Day 13 220000
Day 14 300000
Day 15 500000
Day 16 650000
Day 17 800000
Day 18 1000000
Day 19 1200000
Day 20 1500000
Something as simple as a subject line can make all the difference. With our system, you can perform an A/B campaign to test out different subject lines. Our system will then report to you the opens for certain subject lines used.

Make sure to keep your message clean and simple. Don't use key words that will trigger spam filters. You can also check your messages for spam triggers through our system before you send your message out.
Our system accepts either .csv (comma separated values) files, .txt, .xls, zip files containing (.txt, .csv, .xls, .xlsx) files up to 70mb.

For format, the list needs to be one email per line. If you have multiple columns, there has to be a column called "email in order" for our system to pick it up.