Velocity Platform Features

Velocity's Marketing Software Email System General Features

Message editor and Drag Drop Editor

Build and design your message in our editor. Or upload your own HTML file.

Email List Management

Powerful email list manager. Manage your email lists, merge email lists, search and change data.

Email Message Templates

Access our library of ready to use responsive email templates or have us design a custom template for your needs.

Advanced API

Use our API system to call Velocity remotely from your own applications. RESTFUL API with online documentation.

Email List Cleaning and Verification

Verify your email list before you send. Helps protect your IP/Domain reputation when sending your email campaigns.

Online Support

Access to our support system, FAQ, and videos. Knowledgeable account managers for your campaigns.

Reseller & White Label Program

Reseller/whitelabel options using the Velocity Marketing Platform, create a new revenue stream.

Detailed Features:


Create opener and clickers lists or bad addresses with one click
Lease business or consumer data from our trusted list vendors
Resellers can also give clients leased lists or lists that are locked and can't be modified or downloaded
Clean lists of spam traps, screamers and hard bounces against our do not mail file
Upload an unlimited number of lists into the system
Formats include .txt, .csv, .xls, .xlsx and (.zip containing multiple files of other file types)
Merge multiple lists together or segment and create new smaller lists
Global List Stats allows you to see quick stats on all your data
Create folders to organize your lists into groups
Search all lists for a specific email address and identify what lists contain the email address
Share lists with third parties via a secure password protected link and limit the number of downloads
Filter the data by different status codes and either drop that data or export it
Search inside a list by any column for specific data or data ranges, zip codes as an example
Export data by selecting a specific range of email id's or columns and choose your format
Unsubscribe system to unsubscribe a single address, multiple addresses or a single domain
Automatically block email address that have unsubscribed from a campaign or feedback loop
Email suppression lists supported including MD5 suppression lists
Optin Form Builder build your own capture forms with an easy drag and drop interface that can be placed on your own website to build your own optin email list


Over 100 free message templates are available with the ability to easily edit with our standard message editor
Drag and Drop message editor premium upgrade offered
HTML and Text based emails supported
Image hosting with no limits on number of images uploaded into the system
Bulk Upload image system to import many images at one time from a folder
Check your message and subject line spam score against spam assassin for better delivery
Built in system to check for broken images or links that do not exist
Personalize message and/or subject line with any column inside an email list
Landing pages can be created to display data or capture data with our form builder

System Settings

Able to use our IP's, your own IP's or a third party IP's with a vps/server that supports Windows 2012, 2016, 2019 64bit servers
We register domains for use with the system and take care of server setups
We support SPF, DKIM, senderid, DMARC, TLS email authentication technologies
All accounts are CAN SPAM compliant, containing a physical mailing address and unsubscribe link
Option to customize the footer of messages sent out on a per campaign basis
Disable role suppression such as sales@, support@ and other common prefixes
Settings for enabling the listunsubscribe header in emails sent
Settings for asking the for feedback on unsubscribe request
Domains have the option to either forward replies, capture replies, and setup a redirection URL
Conversion tracking pixels and links allow you to track conversions and revenue from campaigns
System checks to make sure rDNS is setup, servers are online, and tracking is working
Self-healing system that checks if a server is down or rDNS is missing will then resume campaigns automatically once the issue is fixed
Setup domain connections based on domain name or domain name groups

Partner with Velocity and become a Reseller!

Entire System can be co-branded or whitelabled and resold to create a new revenue stream
Generic domains and option to use custom domains for system login and/or signup forms
Built in Clients tab to manage all your clients or employees
Option to switch into a client's account and help them with campaigns
Mass management system for creating campaigns, messages, and lists over large numbers of accounts
Option for resellers to split a list by x amount of records and send them to all clients

Zapier support via Webhooks

Connect to over 2000+ apps via Zapier using webhooks
Automatically add to a list, unsubscribe list or add a lead in the CRM


Built in campaign scheduling, choose a date/time to send your campaign
Message and/or subject line personalization available
Randomize campaigns by rotating subject lines, messages, from names and from addresses
Easily enter subject line, from name, from address, and sending profile (IP/Domain combination)
IP's can be rotated either using a rotation group or option to rotate all IP's on a server
Create campaigns to more than one list by holding the control key and selecting multiple lists
Multiple suppression lists can be used at one time when creating a campaign in the same fashion
Select a custom footer/physical mailing address on a campaign level
Use stored IP groups, subject lines, from names and from addresses to save time
Repeat campaigns with our recurring campaigns feature
Record bounce reason for failed addresses
Control how fast your campaign will go out to increase delivery
Settings to move openers/clickers into a specified list from a campaign
Including a link in your message to view the email in a browser "View as a webpage"
Campaign Status area to view the status of pending and running campaigns
Pause and resume campaigns while they are sending
Reporting Accounts can be purchased to give your client their own private login to specified campaigns (this is great for resellers because you can now let your clients view their campaign in real time)
Private reporting URL can be given out for any specific campaign via secure link


Real time reporting for all campaigns within the system
Track all opens, clicks, replies, optouts, conversions and feedback loop reports
Graphs for open/clicks history based on days/hour to track performance
Option to view the raw data
Export all campaign reports to a .csv file.
Opens/clicks are updated within the list along with IP address and date/time of when it occurred
Click history will show which user clicked which link and export that information to a csv file
If recording bounce reason the list is also updated with that information
Preferences to control what information is shown by default on the campaign reports page
Identify email addresses that have clicked or opened your message along with date, IP address, and
country of origin based on the IP


Global suppression of known complainers, bots, spamtraps are applied to uploaded lists
Role suppression to handle common prefixes which can lead to complaints such as abuse@ spam@
Domain suppression for spamtrap domains
User level suppression for emails that send in complaints
Global Suppressed Bounce system to store and block every single invalid address (we maintain this across all accounts to help improve your reputation)
Feedback Loops are supported (we support the major FBL's and provide links on how to set them up. Emails that are reported via FBL are autoplaced into the unsubscribe list by default)

Data Finder

Search for either consumer or business data from our trusted list vendors
Consumer data can be leased or sold
Consumer data we can do targeting based on geographic, gender and keywords
Business data can be leased ONLY
Business data can be targeted based on geographic, industry, sic codes, revenue size, employee size, job title, company name, gender, and keywords


Built in API to access all the reporting information inside the account
Custom API's can be built upon request


24/7 access to support and online help using the built-in support ticket system
FAQ guide for common issues and questions for the system
Help Videos that show the user step by step on how to do certain tasks in the system