Software Updates

Here are some of the new features that have been implemented into our software:

  • Remote SMTP campaigns used for small volumes of email recommend a list of 5,000 emails and under. How it works under email marketing tab then “SMTP Servers” enter your own SMTP server details for an email account (recommend setting up a brand new account). The emails are sent using your SMTP login information for your email account. Also needed is to setup a bounce processing server under “Bounce SMTP Processing” a pop3 account is required to process the bounce back messages. There is a time delay feature under advanced settings which allows the option to setup a delay between each email that is sent out. The Remote SMTP system feature is still in beta but gives another option to send the email out.
  • Feedback Loop Reports – Currently supports AOL FBL’s and junkemailfilter reports. When setting up FBL’s use
  • Data Search tab added to run businesss and consumer counts on our email database and for leasing/purchasing of lists.
  • Added on view list “Manage Columns” allows the option to rename columns inside a list or drop columns inside a list
  • On view list added the option to search any column inside the list for a value using the search button. There is a new dropdown that allows the option to select a specfic column to search on
  • Easy new list create on view lists for openers/clickers, and bad address.
  • New Feature: Random IP Rotation setting on create campaign. Randomly rotates all IP’s on the server the campaign is sending from
  • New Feature: Clean List inside view list has the option to delete major TLD’s either top level or by country or by major isp
  • New Feature: Unsubscribe Feedback. Under System Settings for email marketing their is an option to enable unsubscribe feedfack. A user can leave comments/feedback on the unsubscribe page and the feedback will be listed as a link inside the unsubscribe list
  • New Feature: Inside a list added the option to export as a new list. Options include filtering by status, search, and range. This saves time instead of exporting and reuploading a list to get a specific list needed

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