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2023 Year Recap and Updates

2023 gave us some new features. We rolled our AI Writer to all accounts. Launched P2P SMS for political campaigns and a ton of improvements to our email campaign system.

December 10, 2023, For the SMTP API added List-Unsubscribe header to outgoing emails. We also focused on improving some edge cases for reply capturing and unsubscribes.
November 18, 2023, Improvements made to SMTP/Trigger Logs area. Added more filtering options to breakdown by email/send status. New Sending Profile Information on the stats page gives a breakdown of emails sent per profile such as domain, IP, opens and clicks. Improved handling of large exports of data.
September 28, 2023, Domain renewals and purchases fees are now $17 a year for a domain. Due to Verisign increasing the fees for .com and .net last several years and they will continue in 2024.
September 25, 2023, Warmup emails should no longer be forwarded if you have email forwarding enabled. This will reduce unwanted emails.
June 28, 2023, API list page put the description of each API on the index page. For email replies captured we now detect the words remove/retired as unsubscribes.
May 26, 2023, AI Writer added to all accounts. Each account comes with free 20 credits for testing the different AI tools. Features option to do bulk jobs using csv files.
April 15, 2023, On the create/edit campaign page there is now an indicator called “Camps” on profile select of how many current campaigns under campaign status are using that profile, this includes any of the profile rotation features.
April 3, 2023, New email status code called “Domain Risky No A Record” we now check if domain has a DNS A record for the domain part of the email. We also check if a www. record if neither exists the email is marked “Domain Risky No A Record”. Based on our research the vast majority of spamtraps do not have any DNS a record setup for the domain. These are treated as a hard bounce once detected during sending.
March 9, 2023, For the drag editor editor we have now tied the image hosting section into the editor. When changing an image you can select the image hosting folder button and will display all the images from the image hosting section.

Main Platform Updates for past six months

March 5, 2023, Two new options when viewing a reply in the system. You can now forward a reply to email of your choice. We also added the option to add an email address to an existing suppression list or create a new suppression list with that email inside it.
February 24, 2023, Randomize list option added on list upload checked by default. This will automatically randomize your uploaded list.
For existing lists you can randomize them in the system when viewing inside a list click on the manage columns button then click the randomize list button. Note: you should only randomize an existing list if you have not sent a campaign to it yet.
December 10, 2022, API improvement webhooks now supported. We support the following types for webhooks: open,click,unsubscribe which will post back to a website address of your choice to process on your end. For more details check out the API section on webhooks.
November 30, 2022, Renamed View(s) to Open(s) in all spots to make it more consistent since sometimes we used the view term and other times open.
October 18, 2022, New Send Report. Shows total emails sent per day based on a date range. Defaults to current billing cycle. This report can be found either on dashboard linked on the number of emails sent. Or under Campaign Reports by clicking the Send Report button.
September 18, 2022, SMTP/API/Forwards/SingleEmails now have open/click logs which can be viewed and exported. Other improvements to those types of emails with better handling of personalization and open tracking.
September 14, 2022, Email replies can now be tagged. We have 11 different tag options that can be applied under view replies to an email received.

Mid Year Updates

June 16, 2022, Warmup email account system added. A warmup account helps get isp’s used to emails coming from your domain/IP, creates engagement opens/clicks, and moves warmup replies from junk folder to inbox to help build reputation.
Highly suggested to use a new domain, new IP that has not sent campaigns from your account before. This feature can be found in the sidebar under email marketing under Warmup Accounts.
May 25, 2022, Optimized very large open/click logs exports to download faster, this includes the full record option as well.
March 10, 2022, Email Marketing and List Verification change for handling missing MX records will now be marked as Server Not Found ,Bad DNS/MX. Previously if the MX record was missing we would lookup the A dns record for the domain. We have found in tests the vast majority of emails domains have MX records and the ones that did not were not valid sites. We did add a setting under System Settings called “Allow mailing domains without a MX record will use A record” if you wish to continue mailing domains that are missing mx records.
January 30, 2022, Two new system columns have been added inside each email list. First the soft bounce count column. This is a number that is increased if a soft bounce detected during a campaign that includes time out/blocked/mailbox full. The soft bounce count is reset if an email is delivered.
You could use the soft bounce column as a list condition such as if a contact hasn’t bounced x about of times then send to it.
The next column added is the “Last Status Update Time” this records the moment there is change/update for the email status. This is updated when a campaign is sent to the list.
January 23, 2022, Delivery changes: Better blocking of known spam trap mailservers which adds a new email status code Spam Trap Server. Added more suppressed domains for spamtraps based on research. And last make sure ehlo is used if using TLS encryption setting.
January 19, 2022, SMTP Credentials now offer a TLS connection option. Note: this uses a dedicated domain which is different from the sending domain as the host but it still sends from the email from domain that you choose.
January 15, 2022, Improvements to the reply system. Replies now come in real-time in the view replies section. Forwarding errors now include date/time in error log. Better handling of high number of connections/blocking of failed SMTP logins.

End of year! Start of new year 2022 Updates!

January 3, 2022, New major feature. We now support transactional emails via our SMTP credentials page.
Users can now tie in the system to send from their website/CRM system or third party tool using SMTP accounts supplied by us.

SMTP Credentials can be found under the “SMTP Credentials/Servers” in the sidebar.
Once enabled takes about 15 minutes for the system to setup the account. SMTP accounts still verify if emails are found in the unsubscribe list, suppression system, supports view tracking and automatically appends the unsubscribe footer to the text and html parts of the email.
Results for the SMTP emails can be found under “SMTP/Trigger Logs” in the sidebar
Currently does not yet support click tracking.
December 8, 2021, Changed how campaigns are sent. Campaigns now send as fast as the send speed is set. Before when a domain went to the retry queue the system would just skip that domain and move on to the next one. Now, we still skip the domain but just wait till it is time to send the next email. This should fix issues where the campaign sends too fast. The setting can be turned off though under System Settings -> “Time based Retry Mode” which goes back to the old way.
Also, changed if the system encounters the block reason STARTTLS we will now enable TLS (if not enabled) and try again to that email address.
November 24, 2021, Added Export CSV report of all list verify list jobs in the List Verify section. This feature can be found in the List Verify tab under View Lists clicking on the Options button

New Features And Updates

Couple of powerful new features added to the system include: Advanced Email Forwarding Rules , Multiuploader , ReplyTo. Full details below

November 7, 2021, Advanced Email Forwarding Rules – can now be found under domain settings. With this feature gives the ability to route different email from addresses to go to n forwarding email of your choice. This can be useful if you are running campaigns for different clients or sales reps. This can be done on a domain level or across all domains on the account.
November 5, 2021, Added a new Reply To email address setting on create campaign.This email address is displayed when a person clicks on reply to an email message. Benefits is that the reply goes directly to that email, which may work better than use a custom from address if you can not setup SPF records. The downsides is the reply email address is exposed in every email sent and that replies will not be captured by the system.
November 5, 2021, Multiuploader and drag and drop support for email lists and list verification lists. There is now an option on upload pages to drag drop file uploads and or select many lists at one time to import into the system. It copies over any settings you have already entered in on the upload page itself.
October 14, 2021, New feature on open and click log the option to export the list as a new list. Instead of having to export and reimport.
October 1, 2021, Drop down selecting a list, campaign, account, or domain name now have a search option. Which makes it easier to find the data item when dealing with large amounts of data.
September 29, 2021, Image Hosting section now has preview images for images. And a textbox to copy the link to the media image
September 21, 2021, Adding sub users now has the option to send login information.

August Updates

August 22, 2021, Signature system added to email marketing. Signatures can now be created/edited. This feature is found under View Messages then click on the Signatures button. Once a signature is created in the standard editor, click on the brown address book icon in the toolbar to select a signature to add.
August 17, 2021, Added option for List Verify to copy list after verification to the email marketing tab if you use the click to verify this list.
July 29, 2021, User controlled domains can now be added on your own under Domains -> Add Domain.
You would pick a sending ip. Then follow the parking guide to setup the domain. Once you have the nameservers created and pointed correctly. You then come back to the domains sections and click the verify user controlled domain to see if it was parked correctly. If it was then the profile and domain will be ready to use.
June 21, 2021, New billing history section in the home tab allows you to see any payments made to your account and the option to export an invoice

Most recent software updates.

May 26, 2021, Added GDPR support on the unsubscribe page. Email recipients now have the option on the unsubscribe page to manage their data record. They can export their data record based on the list entry to an xml file. Update the data record, by updating any custom fields in the list entry with the new information. Last, the option to delete the data record. Which deletes the record from the email list and prevents being mailed to again in the future.
May 23, 2021, Two Factor Authentication now supported for users to enhance the security of their accounts. Works with any major authenticator such as Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator. You enable this feature under MyAccount then click on the Two Factor Authentication button. On the same page you can also unlink your account if wish to no longer use it.
March 12, 2021, Regenerate text message button added when viewing edit text message page to rebuild the text part from an html message.

The getallopens and getallclicks API now support passing a campaign id to filter the data
February 23, 2021, Added a click summary report on the click log page which shows total clicks per link url.
February 16, 2021, Email Lists and list verify lists now support ut8 character data in the custom fields, this will ensure better support for international character sets and keep data intact when importing from other character sets.
February 15, 2021, Mobile Preview button added in drag and drop editor and also you can now preview the mobile view under the View Message area. This mobile preview also works with the standard editor.

Email Delivery change for TLS if we notice SSL negotiation failed we now switch to turning SSL off and attempt again.

Start of 2021

Latest updates for 2021

February 6, 2021, Added Emoji picker to the standard message editor.
February 6, 2021, UTF8 Characters and Emojis now supported in the of body of the messages for email campaigns. Fixes issues with certain characters in email messages not appearing correctly and now supports many foreign character sets. UFT8 is now the default character set when sending out an email.
February 4, 2021, Added a trigger report link when viewing the campaign detail page if there are triggers for the campaign. Gives a way to view stats/reports for the trigger and check the status of each triggered email.
A/B Campaigns also now have the campaign preview button.
January 20, 2021, Progress bar added when uploading a list in email marketing and list verify sections.
January 14, 2021, API Access can now be given to sub users when editing a user permissions.
January 8, 2021, New setting under system settings URL Encode Personalized Fields by default this is enabled and has been the standard behavior. We have added the option turn off that setting which can fix some link encoding issues when passing personalized field variables in a link url.
January 7, 2021, New setting under system settings for email marketing.
Default campaign send hours. The campaign hours can now be set as global default setting instead of having to select the hours for each new campaign.

End End of the year updates

We actually snuck in a few more additions to the system in the final days of 2020!

December 29, 2020, New campaign preview button added on the create campaign page. When clicked a popup will show a the message parts, along subject line, from name. Shows the full message and supports personalization in the subject and message. It takes a contact from the selected list for personalization.
December 23, 2020, Brand Indicators for Message Identification now supported on a domain level.
BIMI attaches your brand’s logo to your authenticated email message
The setting can be found under Domains -> Domain Settings.
Enables and requires DMARC to be set.
Your brand logo must be a svg and must be served from a https url
Currently Yahoo/AOL support it and GMail is beta testing.
December 19, 2020, New stock photos options when using the standard editor in email marketing. There is a photo icon where you can now search for images for your email campaign.

End of Year 2020 Updates

December 9, 2020, New option in the standard editor. Adds Giphy support. Search for thousands of animated gifs to use instead your email campaign by keyword.
November 30, 2020, Campaign triggers now have the option to send in minutes after an action. Added on campaign triggers page the Type and Send Time to see at a glance for all triggers.
November 6, 2020, The standard editor in email marketing now supports folders when browsing an image from image hosting. Also added a folder select on add image.
November 3, 2020, New feature Personalized Url Builder. With this tool you can build a link that passes data from your email marketing list that you send during a campaign to a landing page/website. In addition, we offer a javascript code when placed on the landing page will autofill in the form fields with the data passed to them via the link. For this feature to work each form element that you wish to have filled must have a unique id link in the html code in order to autofill. With this tool you can optimize your marketing campaigns and help increase more conversions though autofilled forms. This feature is found in a couple locations but you can easily find under the Add Message screen in the email marketing section.
November 2, 2020, Added a new setting under System Settings for email marketing. Allow all lists to be used as suppression lists on create/edit campaign sections.
October 21, 2020, Two new list sending behaviors when creating an email campaign. Send only to Openers and Send to Openers/Clickers.
October 10, 2020, Access Logs moved to Manage Users for the primary user to review.
September 12, 2020, Added a 1,000 email send speed setting on create/edit campaign.