System Updates May 2024

May 26, 2024, Updated our message score system to Spamassassin 4.0.x. Also, included a bunch of custom rules to help better detect possible filtering.
May 24, 2024, Conditional Template Language added for email marketing in the campaign system in either the html or text message part.
We support if/elseif/else and foreach,for,break,continue statements, along with user defined variables.

Some uses cases showing certain content based on email domain or different content based on a column inside the list.

For full details on syntax and how it works check out our FAQ under messages called “Conditional Template Language”
May 7, 2024, Added new columns to unsubscribe page. User Agent, IP address, and unsubscribe type. Which shows how the unsubscribed happened either campaign, smtp, email reply, fbl or user.
May 5, 2024, Out of office, auto replies and other replies that are sent to the return-path email address. Should be displayed in replies section. Delivery notifications are not shown and is based on keywords. Those delivery notifications will be processed in the background and email status updated based on the content.

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