June 2024 Updates

June 29, 2024, Added Insert RSS/Atom feed to template in the standard message editor. There is an RSS icon, when clicked you enter the feed url, number of entries and have two options when insert.
With Conditional Template language OFF
Grabs the current RSS/Atom feed and posts that html into the message. For you to format on your own.
With Conditional Template Language ON posts in the html our syntax which allows you to customize and grabs the live version of the RSS feed when the campaign is being sent. Example code below
{RSSFEED=https://www.yourfeed.com/rss} [# foreach($rssitems as $index =&gt; $rss) #]<br />
<b>[# $rss.title #]</b> [# $rss.date #]<br />
[# $rss.description #]<br />
[# if ($rss.link != &quot;&quot;) #]Link: <a href=”[# $rss.link #]”>[# $rss.link #]</a>[# endif #]<br />
<br />
[# endforeach #]

We also added, under View Messages – Options -> ReHost external images of selected email messages.
June 21, 2024, API updates: Added rehostimages option to addmessage and previewtext to addmessage and editmessage API, Added uploadimage API to allow uploading of images to image hosting, Added to getcampaigns and getcampaigndetail uniqueviews and uniqueclicks.
Fixed API testing area to handle file uploads. Added to createcampaign and editcampaign API the field replyto_email to set reply address, rotateprofiles parameter to allow rotating of profile ids separated by a comma when creating a campaign.
Added to getdomains API response fields: expiredate,https, bimi_url,dmarcpolicy,subdomainparentid
Added spamtrapserver and domainriskyarecord to listverify getlists and getliststatus API’s
June 19, 2024, Added option to Export messages/templates in bulk to a zip file under View Messages. Sped up checking of 404 images/links. Added folder select on add/edit/upload of messages.
June 5, 2024, Added option on email message upload to rehost all images in an uploaded html file. This will automatically move any external images from the html file to image hosting when that option is checked.
We also now automatically recode tracking links for mail chimp and constant contact and replace with the original link on uploaded email message html file.

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