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Achieving Clients

We have been telling of our success within the email marketing industry. Here is a look at some more successful clients and why they use our software.


The phrase, “the proof is in the pudding” could not be truer for our reoccurring clients. One of our clients has been with us for four years and continues to drive more and more traffic to his sites. Our Business Opportunity client started off sending 5 million emails and has now invested more with sending over 120 million emails a month. Even better, his delivery is better than 50 percent month to month. He also believes that our software prices beat competitors by far.


We also service a client within the electronic parts industry. They have been using our software for only two months, but have been able to achieve outstanding delivery with their own list. They send out about 500,000 emails a month and receive a 95 percent delivery.

Are you looking into email marketing? Give us a call, it will be worth it.

We’ve Helped them, Can we Help you?

Velocity’s knowledge in the email marketing industry has paid off for other companies within their industries. Here is some insight into who we service and their experience.


We often talk about how email marketing doesn’t have to be for big companies and we have proof. One of our customers is in the marketing business for worldwide independent businesses. He takes their business and markets for them using our software. The Client needed an auto-responder, which was new for our platform. Our exceptional tech support managed to code and create an auto-responder for our client within two hours. He now has all the features that he needs to send and monitor his email campaigns successfully.


On the other hand we have clients that are within the recruiting industry where they help provide 200,000+ jobs for oil engineers. They require a lot of emails to be sent out and sent out properly. Our client has had a 90 percent success rate with us so far and believes that our email software is worth the investment for his business.

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