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Latest Platform Updates

Recap of the updates that have been made in the last few months.

SpamAssassin updated to 3.4.1 for our the message check system in email marketing
Sending Profile Rotation added for AdStation campaigns.
Leads/CRM now support option to import notes from a custom file such as csv or excel.
Leads/CRM custom fields now supported in leads export feature.
Added option when exporting an email list. To export the email address as an md5 hash
Unsubscribe list two new export options added. Option to export the date/time and the campaign name which will then be saved into the csv file.

New list management feature under View list -> export as new list
Added this option “Delete selected emails in current list after new list create”
Which removes the filtered/search selection of the emails from the current list but they will remain in the newly created new list.
In the leads/crm system now supports upload lead lists with custom fields. You can now setup mapping of those custom fields on leads list import.

TLS Encryption Now Supported for Outgoing emails

We have just rolled our new TLS encryption feature to all users.  TLS encrypts the outgoing email if the recieving server supports TLS encryption.  What our system does when doing the SMTP connection we issue a command to check if TLS is supported if so we then connect via TLS and send the message encrypted.

This feature is not enabled by default but can be enabled under the email marketing tab then System Settings -> TLS encryption


Here is an example message sent to gmail with no TLS encryption.
You can see there is red unlocked lock displayed. Along with a message saying the no encryption was to encrypt the message.

With TLS encryption  there is no red unlocked icon and it says the message is encrypted with Standard TLS encryption

Now in terms of email delivery at the moment does not seem to be a factor. But places like gmail may consider emails that have TLS as having better reputation.


Version 8 Released

We have updated and released version 8 of our email marketing system. The main goal with the update was to improve, deliverlibiably, and modernize our main codebase.

This updates includes the following:

New Transfer Encoding setting under System Settings. The new default sending encoding is now quoted-printable for html messages using the ASCII encoding type. The setting also have transfer encoding settings for base64, 8bit and 7bit which was the old default encoding type for ASCII.

New improvements with reply handling for handling messages of different content types when forwarded to another email address.

Better handling html and plain text combinations.

Updates with our sender id records for all domains to perform better in certain cases.

We are planning some other major updates for 2017 as well.  Also we are affiliate attending affiliate summit las vegas 2017 from Jan 14 to Jan 17 if you would like to meet us let us know.


DMARC Added and other updates

We have been busy working on some updates to our email system.  One of our latest updates has been added DMARC records to all our user hosted domains.  DMARC gives isps better insight on whether to allow email from your domain to be allowed if dkim and spf have issues. This could be seen by some isps as positive in having this record in place.

Also we have done some CRM System updates as well:
CRM Manager tab which allows you to add accounts to CRM  system and make edits to the account. Also display how many licenses/seats have been used.
Form Builder added to the leads section. Allows creating of forms that can placed on websites to collect leads. This can be found under leads tab then under Form Builder.

New System Updates

We are all about updating our system at Velocity and we have made quite a few in the last couple of weeks.  Since the beginning of October we have updated DKIM keys for all domains which gets faster open/click graphs, trigger page updates, a reorganized FAQ center, new options for stats on campaigns, a “use feedback loop suppression”, which helps with sender scores, new options for mobile friendly templates, sending speed limits and a new access log system.  Yes, all of these updates in just a few weeks.

These system feature updates are to make using our software effortless.  If you are having problems with these features or want to know more about our software, let us know.

All About SEO, Socia Media and Blogging Combined with Email Marketing

Email marketing is important, but it can prove to be even more beneficial with the use of search engine optimization (SEO), social media and blogging. Using all of these metrics combined is a great way to increase awareness of your brand. Besides building awareness, you are also engaging with clients and prospective clients while driving traffic to your sites from your social media outlets. Posting links to your website, blog and even landing pages is a great way to get your social followers engaged with one click.

Having keywords is important in making your companies desired sites search engine friendly. By having the right keywords coded correctly, it allows your website to gain more traffic over those that might not have proper SEO or relative content.

After you start driving all of this traffic from search engine optimization, social media and blogs, it is important to track these consumers that are interested in your links posted. Velocity Marketing Software comes equipped with a CRM system which works essentially like a social media platform. It allows you to manage relationships with your prospective clients all in one place. Our CRM system is in the cloud and allows you to access it right through the web-based software.

When thinking about marketing, think email. But also think about linking your email marketing with SEO, social media and blogs. It will allow your company to grow and engage with clients. Don’t let your message stop at their in-boxes, let them see you on their news feeds and search engines as well.

Call us today to see how we can benefit your company with SEO, social media and blogging features. Our knowledgeable sales reps are waiting to hear from you.

Be sure to “like” us on Facebook, follow on twitter and connect with us via LinkedIn.

Leads System Updates

Auto email followup system added to leads.  You can now setup recurring messages that are sent out to lead based on frequency. The frequency can either be one time, weekly, monthly or daily at a specific time of your choosing.  Very useful if have a series of emails ready to go to each lead which allows more communication between both parities.


Quick notes system added which is a dropdown containing some common notes that might be used on a lead.


Option added to delete each note item on a lead. There is now a delete link next to the to the user who left the note.

Lead questions system added. In the leads tab in the sidebar there is a lead questions link. In which you can add questions to be asked/answered when viewing a lead. Also the lead questions will appear in any subaccount that has lead management.

New Upload Zip files for Email Messages

Zip files with creative information now supported to be uploaded for email messages. The zip file can contain either a creative with multiple images, Multiple creatives, Multiple images or any combination.

For instance you can upload a zip file with an html file and the associated images.  The creative will be added to the add message page. The images will be saved to the image hosting page and if the images are not linked up in the creative the creative will be updated with the new image hosting links.

List Feature Updates

On the create/edit campaign pages for list and suppression select for lists that are inside folders.  In front the list name will be the folder name in brackets [foldername] this allows easier finding of lists in folders.

Added a copy list function under View Lists -> then clicking on the Export New List button and choose the copy list option to make a new copy of the lists that were selected.

Sequences added to Email Marketing

Sequences added!  A new extremely powerful feature for email marketing the creation of a series of campaigns that can be sent to a list based on a time schedule.  For time schedule you can choose to send every day, every week based on certain days of the week or every month on a certain day. Also the option to set how many times the sequences runs.

This feature is found in the email marketing tab in the sidebar under Sequences

Sequences List


Add Sequence


Edit Sequence