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Email Marketing API Additions

Email Marketing API updates:
The uploadlistbyurl api now returns the listid created for the list.
getfeedbackloopreports now has the option to return only FBL reports by campaign id
getunsubscribelist now has the option to return only unsubscribed emails by campaign id
New api createlist – allows creating a list via by posting a list of emails. Works same away as the enter small list option in email marketing just now able to use it via the api. Best to use only with small lists under 1000 records for larger lists use the uploadlistbyurl api.

Reply Capture System Improvements

Updated the reply capture system. Improvements include better handling of messages. There is now a link in the sidebar called View Replies which allows you to see any of the replies that came in. The old check replies link under domains will be retired shortly. On the main email marketing tab under account/package information lists the last five replies that came in. Email replies are checked for every 25 minutes there is also an option under View Replies to check for current replies from a domain.


Also for email forwarding added a link to the view the last reply forward error if there was an error forwarding the reply.

Other interface changes:
Moved conversion tracking from the sidebar in email marketing to under system settings.
Moved Bounce SMTP Processing to under SMTP Servers

API New Additions

Added three new api functions adduser, edituser, and deleteuser api’s which allows adding additional/editing/deleting users from an account. Also updated the getclients clients api to include the main permissions the client has.

For more information on the api’s visit the api tab.

New split list email delivery feature

Split list email delivery feature on create campaign, create a/b campaign and create ad station campaign. What this feature does is allows you to split up a list during a campaign into separate partial campaigns based on the number of list split parts/chunks.
And spread those partial campaigns across selected sending profiles to optimize delivery. This saves a lot of time instead of having to create a partial campaign for each part of the list and selecting a different profile for each.


Also minor API updates. The createcampaign api now supports multiple suppression lists and now also supports creation of adstation campaigns. Read the api documentation in the api tab.

Updates State Level Tracking for Views/Clicks and Easier Personalized Fields in Subject

Added state level tracking on the open and click logs. Allows tracking for ip’s in the United States on a state level. To view the open and click logs click on the campaign detail page then on that page there are links to open and view logs.

Added insert list field for subject line on create campaign in the email marketing tab. This simplifies the process of inserting a personalized field into the subject line instead of having to refer directly to the list itself. To use select a list then click on the show insert field and then select the field to insert into the subject line.



List Conditions on Create Campaign

On create campaign there is an option under advanced settings to setup List Conditions based on the selected list. This can be used to send to a portion of a list that meets a specific list criteria.  For instance lets if the list has a custom column called state. Using the list conditions system the list can be filtered by a specific state and when sending campaign would only go to the state specified in the list condition.  This eliminates the need to create a new list first to filter by that criteria needed.



Added 35+ new templates for email marketing

Added 35+ new templates to the system for email marketing.
Also most of these templates have full width, right sidebar, and left side bar options which gives different views for each template.


Friday Updates

Updates in before the weekend!

Added option to export full records on the open/click log pages in email marketing.

New button reoccurring campaigns giving the option to change the next send date for a reoccurring campaign in mass.



Email Marketing/CRM Updates

Email Marketing – Quicksend/api/forwarding emails new features.

Added a stats page on Forward/Autoresponder logs to see a breakdown at glance of status codes for all emails and open/click stats.

Emails sent using quicksend/forward/api that bounce are now added to local bounces . With the sendsingleemail api local bounces is checked against the email passed and will return an error if it is a known bounce.

Added support for text part in the sendsingleemail api call.

Total usage for the month for these sends is now shown in usage area.


Leads/CRM – Added option to add a followup to your outlook meeting calendar.

Email Status Code Changes and Updates

Important interface updates for email marketing.  New email status code added called “Pending”  which occurs when new emails are imported into the system via upload list or add list or if you manually add an email to a list.
We have also relabled the Good status code to Delivered to make it clearer.
Added an export button to the retry queue to export emails in the retry queue.
Added on the email marketing tab a total for API/Forwards emails sent out and total emails sent this period vs campaigns if you have sent emails other than normal campaigns.