Version 8 Released

We have updated and released version 8 of our email marketing system. The main goal with the update was to improve, deliverlibiably, and modernize our main codebase.

This updates includes the following:

New Transfer Encoding setting under System Settings. The new default sending encoding is now quoted-printable for html messages using the ASCII encoding type. The setting also have transfer encoding settings for base64, 8bit and 7bit which was the old default encoding type for ASCII.

New improvements with reply handling for handling messages of different content types when forwarded to another email address.

Better handling html and plain text combinations.

Updates with our sender id records for all domains to perform better in certain cases.

We are planning some other major updates for 2017 as well.  Also we are affiliate attending affiliate summit las vegas 2017 from Jan 14 to Jan 17 if you would like to meet us let us know.


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