Jan-March 2024 Velocity System Updates

March 1, 2024, Added option to control DMARC policy as either none, quarantine or reject. Reject is our default. The policy is set under Domains -> Settings. This is done on each domain name.
February 16, 2024, SMS P2P – Keyword automations, you can setup keywords that are found in a users text message reply and either send a follow-up text message, or unsubscribe the user. Two matches modes either by whole word or if it contains the keyword. You can also choose which sms campaigns it is enabled for or default all sms campaigns.
February 13, 2024, Email Replies under View Replies now have a link to download/view attachments

SMS P2P – Added survey/polling system on the create campaign screen, you can view the results of your poll/survey on the campaign detail page and get breakdowns for each question and answer.
February 3, 2024, Added support for .eml files for email message uploading.
February 2, 2024, Email Campaign Approval System added for end users. When enabled you have the option on create/edit campaign to approve/unapprove a campaign. Along with the option to provide a private sharable link to your client on the edit campaign screen. This link allows clients to leave feedback about the campaign and send test emails for the campaign. Then the client can also approve/sign off on the campaign.
This feature can be enabled under System Settings in the Email Marketing tab.
January 8, 2024, Added to the SMTP/Quick Email/Triggers logs on the stats page, the option to filter by date range. We also added the top 20 domains that were emailed to see total stats at a glance.
We now note the warmup emails next to the email type on the main page of the SMTP/Quick Email/Triggers logs.
.Net domains we are no longer registering due to increase prices coming Feb 1st and suggesting .com domains going forward.

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