2023 Year Recap and Updates

2023 gave us some new features. We rolled our AI Writer to all accounts. Launched P2P SMS for political campaigns and a ton of improvements to our email campaign system.

December 10, 2023, For the SMTP API added List-Unsubscribe header to outgoing emails. We also focused on improving some edge cases for reply capturing and unsubscribes.
November 18, 2023, Improvements made to SMTP/Trigger Logs area. Added more filtering options to breakdown by email/send status. New Sending Profile Information on the stats page gives a breakdown of emails sent per profile such as domain, IP, opens and clicks. Improved handling of large exports of data.
September 28, 2023, Domain renewals and purchases fees are now $17 a year for a domain. Due to Verisign increasing the fees for .com and .net last several years and they will continue in 2024.
September 25, 2023, Warmup emails should no longer be forwarded if you have email forwarding enabled. This will reduce unwanted emails.
June 28, 2023, API list page put the description of each API on the index page. For email replies captured we now detect the words remove/retired as unsubscribes.
May 26, 2023, AI Writer added to all accounts. Each account comes with free 20 credits for testing the different AI tools. Features option to do bulk jobs using csv files.
April 15, 2023, On the create/edit campaign page there is now an indicator called “Camps” on profile select of how many current campaigns under campaign status are using that profile, this includes any of the profile rotation features.
April 3, 2023, New email status code called “Domain Risky No A Record” we now check if domain has a DNS A record for the domain part of the email. We also check if a www. record if neither exists the email is marked “Domain Risky No A Record”. Based on our research the vast majority of spamtraps do not have any DNS a record setup for the domain. These are treated as a hard bounce once detected during sending.
March 9, 2023, For the drag editor editor we have now tied the image hosting section into the editor. When changing an image you can select the image hosting folder button and will display all the images from the image hosting section.

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