Main Platform Updates for past six months

March 5, 2023, Two new options when viewing a reply in the system. You can now forward a reply to email of your choice. We also added the option to add an email address to an existing suppression list or create a new suppression list with that email inside it.
February 24, 2023, Randomize list option added on list upload checked by default. This will automatically randomize your uploaded list.
For existing lists you can randomize them in the system when viewing inside a list click on the manage columns button then click the randomize list button. Note: you should only randomize an existing list if you have not sent a campaign to it yet.
December 10, 2022, API improvement webhooks now supported. We support the following types for webhooks: open,click,unsubscribe which will post back to a website address of your choice to process on your end. For more details check out the API section on webhooks.
November 30, 2022, Renamed View(s) to Open(s) in all spots to make it more consistent since sometimes we used the view term and other times open.
October 18, 2022, New Send Report. Shows total emails sent per day based on a date range. Defaults to current billing cycle. This report can be found either on dashboard linked on the number of emails sent. Or under Campaign Reports by clicking the Send Report button.
September 18, 2022, SMTP/API/Forwards/SingleEmails now have open/click logs which can be viewed and exported. Other improvements to those types of emails with better handling of personalization and open tracking.
September 14, 2022, Email replies can now be tagged. We have 11 different tag options that can be applied under view replies to an email received.

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