Mid Year Updates

June 16, 2022, Warmup email account system added. A warmup account helps get isp’s used to emails coming from your domain/IP, creates engagement opens/clicks, and moves warmup replies from junk folder to inbox to help build reputation.
Highly suggested to use a new domain, new IP that has not sent campaigns from your account before. This feature can be found in the sidebar under email marketing under Warmup Accounts.
May 25, 2022, Optimized very large open/click logs exports to download faster, this includes the full record option as well.
March 10, 2022, Email Marketing and List Verification change for handling missing MX records will now be marked as Server Not Found ,Bad DNS/MX. Previously if the MX record was missing we would lookup the A dns record for the domain. We have found in tests the vast majority of emails domains have MX records and the ones that did not were not valid sites. We did add a setting under System Settings called “Allow mailing domains without a MX record will use A record” if you wish to continue mailing domains that are missing mx records.
January 30, 2022, Two new system columns have been added inside each email list. First the soft bounce count column. This is a number that is increased if a soft bounce detected during a campaign that includes time out/blocked/mailbox full. The soft bounce count is reset if an email is delivered.
You could use the soft bounce column as a list condition such as if a contact hasn’t bounced x about of times then send to it.
The next column added is the “Last Status Update Time” this records the moment there is change/update for the email status. This is updated when a campaign is sent to the list.
January 23, 2022, Delivery changes: Better blocking of known spam trap mailservers which adds a new email status code Spam Trap Server. Added more suppressed domains for spamtraps based on research. And last make sure ehlo is used if using TLS encryption setting.
January 19, 2022, SMTP Credentials now offer a TLS connection option. Note: this uses a dedicated domain which is different from the sending domain as the host but it still sends from the email from domain that you choose.
January 15, 2022, Improvements to the reply system. Replies now come in real-time in the view replies section. Forwarding errors now include date/time in error log. Better handling of high number of connections/blocking of failed SMTP logins.

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