End of year! Start of new year 2022 Updates!

January 3, 2022, New major feature. We now support transactional emails via our SMTP credentials page.
Users can now tie in the system to send from their website/CRM system or third party tool using SMTP accounts supplied by us.

SMTP Credentials can be found under the “SMTP Credentials/Servers” in the sidebar.
Once enabled takes about 15 minutes for the system to setup the account. SMTP accounts still verify if emails are found in the unsubscribe list, suppression system, supports view tracking and automatically appends the unsubscribe footer to the text and html parts of the email.
Results for the SMTP emails can be found under “SMTP/Trigger Logs” in the sidebar
Currently does not yet support click tracking.
December 8, 2021, Changed how campaigns are sent. Campaigns now send as fast as the send speed is set. Before when a domain went to the retry queue the system would just skip that domain and move on to the next one. Now, we still skip the domain but just wait till it is time to send the next email. This should fix issues where the campaign sends too fast. The setting can be turned off though under System Settings -> “Time based Retry Mode” which goes back to the old way.
Also, changed if the system encounters the block reason STARTTLS we will now enable TLS (if not enabled) and try again to that email address.
November 24, 2021, Added Export CSV report of all list verify list jobs in the List Verify section. This feature can be found in the List Verify tab under View Lists clicking on the Options button

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