Recent Updates

October 15, 2011, Reputation Central added to email marketing. Is a monitoring system that can watch your ip/domain reputation. The system checks over 250 different blacklists daily. To turn on monitoring for your domains and ip’s visit the domains/ip’s area in the sidebar of email marketing and check them off. Then click on the monitoring button and the system is ready to go.
October 12, 2011, Added another check when campaign is launched to make sure tracking is working correctly. Also friendly error message if an excel file is uploaded to the system and fails advises to convert to csv.
October 1, 2011, Plain text messages now supported along with html in email marketing. To include/edit a plain text message. Click on the edit message and near the top of the html editor is a link to edit the text message portion. Then to use the plain text portion on create campaign there is a checkbox to include it. We also have a default setting to keep it checked under system settings. Also added a messageid header included in every email that is sent out.
September 14, 2011, Reporting accounts. We now have the feature where you can run campaigns inside your main account then have them displayed in a new account with just the reporting of the campaign. Cost is based on each seat/account that is created. Contact your account manager for details.

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