Updates to the Software

September 9, 2011, MD5 suppression lists are now supported using upload suppression. The md5 hash needs to be either one per line or if multiple columns must be found in the email column. If the list is uploaded correctly it will say MD5 next to the list name in the view lists page.
September 9, 2011, New feature data feeds. Data feeds allow you to setup data downloads using a secure download link to access lists in your account. Feeds can be password protected, have an expire date and max number of downloads. This is an excellent tool for data providers to give secure access to clients that purchase data. This feature can be found under View Lists and then click on the Data Feeds button.
September 8, 2011, Added revenue tracking option for conversions. You can now pass a revenue amount on a conversion. Also added a conversion log link on view campaign to view conversions that occurred. Shows email, date, revenue, ip and country.
September 6, 2011, Added user level sub permissions You can control what sub users under your account have access to. To use this feature in the home tab click on the edit user link. If you have multiple users there is permissions link which allows you to setup their permissions. Also added two new permissions for resellers to control whether the manage columns and clean list features are enabled for their sub clients.
September 4, 2011, Bulk Image uploader added under image hosting. Allows the option to select multiple images from a folder and upload them all.
September 3, 2011, Added Folders to View Lists. Folders can now be created to store and organize lists. There is no limit on the number of folders or subfolder levels that can be made. To add a folder or move items to a folder under view lists click on the Folder Options button.
August 25, 2011, Added IP address column and country column to the click and open logs.

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