Recent Updates to the Software 12/5/2011

December 5, 2011, New feature: Landing pages and form builder for Email Marketing. Landing pages and webpages can now be created and stored on the sending server. A built in form builder to build data capture pages. The forms can be embedded into the landing pages or on your own website. The submission data can be viewed inside the system and options to notify via email on new submission.
December 4, 2011, CRM/Lead system autochecking of incoming leads for possible spam/garbage leads. Checks the ip/email address of the lead against a database for spam checking.
December 1, 2011, New feature under Reputation Central option to decode a spam report in case a report is received from a server provider and the email address is stripped out.
November 30, 2011, Added setting under MyAccount to control the default number of items per page. Can be set to either 10,25,50,100,500, or 1000.
November 22, 2011, Added sorting by clicking on column name for View Lists, Campaign Reports and Campaign Status
November 19, 2011, Minor tweaks: Added ability to remove errored lists, and edit errored campaigns which can allow switching of sending profiles. The number of whitelisted credits now displayed when creating whitelisted campaign and whitelisted package size display on the homepage
November 18, 2011, Customize Message Footer option added under System Settings in email marketing. Allows customizing of the layout of the CAN-SPAM footer information for html and text based messages. The system checks that the required elements are included.
November 15, 2011, Added option to view A/B campaign results for subject lines, from names, messages, and from addresses. This feature is located under campaign detail called View Campaign A/B Data and is found near the bottom of that page above the campaign graph.

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