Dynamic Emails with Remote Content

Velocity annouces New Remote Content tags can now be inserted into email marketing messages.

Remote Content tags are an extremely powerful feature which allows fetching remote data from other websites and be auto inserted into an email that is being sent. With remote content you can pass any of the fields in the list to a remote website which opens up many opportunities such as fetching shopping history, articles/news stories, geographic information and almost anything you can think of.

We will also be building some prebuilt plugins which you can use to insert relevant content in your campaigns coming soon! Let us know if you have any ideas of something that would work.

Example syntax: {REMOTECONTENT=http://www.yourplugin.com/page.php?parm1=&parm2=} Full details of this feature can be found in the FAQ titled “Remote Content – In email campaigns

We also did an update to the  view as webpage insert code {VIEWWEBPAGE} is now supported in text part messages for email marketing

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