New Inbox Message Preview

We have just rolled out a new feature that allows you to generate a preview screenshot/code preview of popular mail clients to make sure your email design works well with them

Called Inbox Mail Client Preview added under Add Message in email marketing and click on the “Inbox Mail Client Preview” link.  On that page you can generate previews for many of popular mail clients. Including Entourage 2004,Entourage 2008,Live Mail,Lotus Notes 6.5,Lotus Notes 7,Lotus Notes 8,Lotus Notes 8.5,Mac Mail,Outlook 2003,Outlook 2007,Outlook 2010,Outlook 2013,Outlook Express,Thunderbird 13,Windows Mail,Android 2.3,Android 4,Android Gmail 2.2,BlackBerry 8800,BlackBerry 9930,iPad 5.0,iPad Gmail,iPhone 5.0,Kindle Fire 2.3,AOL,Gmail,Hotmail,,Yahoo!,Yahoo! (Classic)

Using this feature can help ensure that your email message looks perfect on all the popular email clients.

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