System Updates in recap for Last Week

March 3, 2014, New feature for optin form builder. if you have the leads tab there is now an option to copy the data from the optin form to the leads section.Also under image hosting in email marketing there is now button that allows you to change out the image hosting domain on a message.
March 1, 2014, On the optin form builder get code page and the form build builder code page there is now a link to create a landing page based upon the generated code with one click.ISP Organization now shown on ip detail page.Replies for reply capture area are now only stored for 30 days after that they are autoarchived.

February 27, 2014, Auto handles replies capture emails that have unsubscribe or optout in the subject line to auto unsubscribe them from the account.New setting Smart IP Rotation which has been enabled by default under system settings. Now allows you turn that feature off or on.

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