Updates for February

March 2, 2020, Bounceback handling added for Amazon SES when using Remote SMTP campaign feature. On the SMTP Servers section there is now an endpoint for Amazon SNS topics that you an use and also guide on how to setup bounceback/complaint handling in Amazon.
February 29, 2020, Conversion Tracking improved for email marketing. We have updated the conversion tracking system and it no longer requires unique conversion tracking links to work. Any link sent though a campaign we can now count conversion if you have the conversion tracking pixels setup. To setup conversion track visit System Settings then click the conversion tracking button.
February 26, 2020, Leads/CRM – sequences, lead send emails and logs now support Emoji characters. Lead email templates, sequences now use the title instead of subject field in dropdowns. Sequences check if SMTP is enabled if so that is checked by default when setting up new sequence.
February 25, 2020, Remote SMTP Campaigns now support schedule send hours the same as normal campaigns. In addition, you can now use a Remote SMTP Host under Create A/B campaign feature in the “Show IP Rotation Settings” section.
Leads/CRM for email tracking the last open time is now displayed under email logs.
February 23, 2020, Leads/CRM now support OAuth for Gmail/GSuite under lead settings to send emails on behalf of your account when using the leads system.
February 19, 2020, Image file hosting now uses the original filename plus image id to generate friendly filenames.
Createcampaign and editcampaign API now supports the priority field details found in the API tab.
February 18, 2020, Emoji’s now supported in triggers, sequences and quick send emails.
February 16, 2020, Folder select option added on Create Campaign. Useful if you have many lists in your account and are using the folder feature to find the list you want quicker

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