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Email Marketing Tips, Tricks and Secrets

Here is a link that I thought some of you may find extremely informative:


If you have worked with us in the past we would like to hear from you. Send us your testimonials on our products and services and we will post them to the main site. Here is a sample:

“I have to tell you that your system has worked so well and so fast for us that we were able to catch up on the backlog we had with the one server. You guys are head and shoulders above what we have experienced in the past with other companies and I thank you for that.”
Tom W.

Using HTML Email

At Velocity, we understand that not everyone has worked with HTML before. That is why we have over 100 templates available for you to use. The process is quite simple.
The first thing you want to do is select an HTML template from the list.

After you have selected the HTML template you want to use, just start filling it out.

Once you finish filling out your email message, you can then send a test email to yourself to see how it looks.

This is how mine turned out:

Click for larger image

Casual-Term Friday

It is the end of the week here at Velocity so I decided it would be interesting to start a weekly feature.

This week’s term is “Email Blast”.

An Email Blast is when you send an email to a large list of people. This is usually an Email Marketing Campaign. It is important that you only send Email Blasts to people that have opted in to receive your Emails.

Have a great weekend and come back next Friday for another Email Marketing Term!


Link – 10 Tips for Your First Email Campaign

Here is a helpful article published by Digital Web Magazine. It offers some great advice on starting a successful Email Campaign

Updates to Our Site

We have been working tirelessly the past few days to make our website as functional as possible. Here are some of the cool new features we have available to you:

  • Features Page. The link for the Features page can be found at the top of the main page or by clicking here. There are now links on individual keywords in case you want to learn more about them.
  • Glossary. We have added a glossary to the site that gives short definitions of a few keywords you may be unfamiliar with. This can be found at the bottom of the main page or by clicking here.
  • Site Map. The site map is an ever-growing list of terms that you can read into further detail. These are mainly keywords that you may encounter. The site map goes into more detail about some of the features Velocity offers. This can also be found at the bottom of the page or by clicking here.
  • Favicon. We added a favicon to the site. Looks nifty, doesn’t it?

We will continue to update you on changes made to the site and the ongoing updates.

Getting Your Company Recognized

The easiest way to get your company recognized in today’s fast paced world is through Email Marketing.

Here are some problems with using print ads:

  • Cost. The cost alone is enough incentive for small business, in particular, to shy away from using print ads.
  • Time. With so much needed to be done in any given day, it seems unnecessary to spend so much time on Print-ads that won’t be seen as many potential clients.
  • Public awareness. With email marketing, you will be able to reach a much larger audience than can be found with traditional print ads.
  • Reliability. While there are definitely some benefits to using print ads, there is simply know way of telling how successful your advertisement campaign is. Velocity Marketing Software has a built in tracking system which will allow for you to see results immediately.

Overall, Email marketing is more cost-effective, less time consuming, reliable, and more profitable than traditional print-ads. Velocity Marketing Software makes the entire process much easier as well.

Uses of Mass Email Marketing Software

Mass email marketing software is not just useful for promoting a certain business or product. It is actually useful for a wide variety of purposes. Here are some of the potential uses for mass email marketing software:

-Sending out email newsletters. This is an excellent alternative to sending out newsletters in the mail which is often costly. With mass email marketing software you will be able to reach a larger number of people, with the same message, for a fraction of the time and cost.

-Notifying clients with announcements, product updates, and email alerts. Mass email marketing software is excellent for reaching a large audience with a few simple clicks of the mouse button. You will have no problem notifying your clients of certain changes with Velocity’s mass email marketing software.

-Fund raising. Velocity’s mass email marketing software is terrific for building up companies, but it is also useful for raising awareness for certain causes or not-for-profit organizations. You may want to promote a certain fund raising event and reach a broad audience in a timely manner. Traditional mail sometimes arrives too late or not at all. Email marketing will reach your audience and garner more attention to your particular cause.

Velocity’s High Volume Email Software

Velocity Marketing Software’s blog has been started with a number of objectives in mind:

  • To illustrate what our company has to offer you
  • To keep you up to date on current changes to the site, the software, and any other features you might find useful
  • News postings on high volume email marketing to keep you up to date on the latest developments in the industry

Feel free to leave any feedback in the comments. We would like to have a working relationship with our clients as well as prospective clients.

Enjoy your day!