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Preview Message New Features

We have added some new features to our send preview message system.

There is now a link to toggle the advanced settings. Where you can set the subject line, from name, and from address.


Whitelist Sending Updates

New improved whitelist system lower pricing!!! Easier process to submit lists for whtitelisting approval. Now has the same features as the normal create campaign system and with better tracking/reporting.

To submit an email list for whitelisting in the email marketing software system go to view lists and find the column called Submit Whitelisting and there is a link next to each list. When clicked the whitelist form approval page asks for information on the source of the list and general comments about the list itself.


New graph open/clicks last seven days

Added a new graph on the main email marketing tab. This graph shows opens and clicks over the last seven days of the account.


Working on some other charts as well to chart other data and provide a better visualization of what is going on.

Email Marketing Updates – Unsubscribe List

Unsubscribe list now shows the campaign name of where the unsubscriber came. This feature works for all new unsubscribe as of 6/22/2013. Also on the view campaign detail page there is an unsubscribe log which takes you to the unsubscribe list filtered by just that campaign id.

New Columns Preferences and Spin Tag updates

Happy Friday! Quick updates to main email marketing system!

New columns added as preferences options to the campaign status and campaign reports page.
They include ADK List ID, ADK Sub ID, FBL Reports, Priority, Retry Sent Times.

Spin Tag performance update moved the feature to the MTA instead of having in the Loading A/B phase. Spin Tag campaigns should now start up and send faster.

AdStation Improvements/Updates

AdStation improvements loading of creatives is now deeply integrated into the sending MTA. No more loading creatives for AdStation campaigns. Also optimized delivery/dkim for AdStation campaigns and updated to AdStation 1.3.

Also in this update fixed bug with disabling retry queue when using ip rotation.

Email Lists Save/Load Search Results

New feature added to save and load saved search results in email lists. With this feature you can write complex queries one time on your email list and save them for future use.

To access this feature when viewing a list click on the search button.  There you can load a previously saved search result or create a new search query and enter a title to save the search result for future use.


New Updates!

Smarter IP rotation system when using multiple ip’s. Keeps track of which ip’s work the best for each domain and will attempt to use them when possible.
There is now a link to view the retry queue contents on the view campaign detail page.
{campaignid} can now be embedded in messages and will be replaced with the id of the campaign which you can use if you want to pass information to a tracking system via pixels.
Updated the landing pages of all domains. Includes brief description and a report abuse form. You can choose not to use it if you setup your own custom redirection url for your domain.
Reoccurring campaigns are now disabled if the sending profile no longer exists

Latest Updates

Just quick updates on latest system changes to make your email marketing experience even better.

Retry Queue now has retry queue broadcasters instead of using normal campaign broadcasters.
Added commas formatting to status columns if enabled on the campaign status/reports page.
You can now use {viewwebpage} as a link url to create your own custom view as a webpage link

Email Marketing Delivery Updates Version 5.0 Released

Updates to help improve reputation. New setting added under System Setting called “Retry Mode” This setting allows you to mark an email address as retry later after a certain number of blocked/timed out hits on that domain. The default is five blocked/timed out attempts before the email is added to the retry queue for that campaign. You can enter a value of zero to disable the retry mode system but that is not recommended.
The retry mode should help improve reputation since the isp’s will not be sent excessive emails and help improve the warmup period. The retry mode is not automatic yet. To send emails from the retry queue the campaign needs to have the status of Completed and there needs to be emails in the retry queue for that campaign.
If the campaign is completed on the view campaign there will be a send retries link next to retry queue total. Clicking that link will take you to a retry schedule page to let you choose a date/time to resend the retries. After scheduling the retries you will be taken to the Retry Queue Status page. On the Retry Queue Status page you can monitor the progress of the retries. If you need to access the retry queue page again there is a button from the campaign status page that will take you there.
Note also the retry queue does use up broadcasters as well to send the retries.
Note: With the retry mode system campaign speeds will increase since emails are sent to retry pool on failure.

Sending profiles, ips, and domains now have a total sent column and will show the correct total number sent when using ip/domain rotation. Note this only takes affect for new campaigns sent.

Better handling of greylisting if detected retries again in five minutes.

New setting under System Setting for “PrecedenceHeader:bulk” which can be added to emails sent out. The default setting is enabled . Gmail suggests to use this header. You have the option to turn it on or off it is an account level option.

Added a blacklist report for each campaign. When you view the campaign there is now a blacklist report link called bl report which can help provide information on what areas you can improve on and work on delisting. Note this only works for new campaigns: