April 2020 Updates

April 29, 2020, Two new Zapier Webhooks added. The first is to fetch unsubscribes this hook can be found under Unsubscribe List. The second set of webhooks can be found in the email marketing tab in the main dashboard under the open/click graph called “Webhooks and Zapier Links for Opens/Click”. On this page you can find hooks to fetch openers or clickers we include a video on how to setup this up in Zapier as well.
April 23, 2020, Added a Split Column option by delimiters then inside the list click the Manage Column button and find the split list. From there you select the column to split and then the new column names for the data to go into. Here is an example if you have a field call fullname you can split by using a space delimiter and then create two columns called firstname and lastname.
April 4, 2020, New API output mode csv. In addition to our xml,json output modes we offer the option of display outputted data in comma separated values .

We also added two new API’s getallclicks and getallopens both API’s return all data from all campaigns in the account along with the campaigni id. These API’s can be filtered by date range.

Last added to the view reply the section the ability to view the next/previous message.
April 2, 2020, ViewReply API updated to include a rawfile option giving the option to export the raw file. Sped up the ViewReply API and normal view reply page in cases where the system has already downloaded the reply.

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