Sumner 2020 Updates

August 24, 2020, New List Sending Behavior feature. In create campaign under advanced settings. Allows you to easily send to people who haven’t opened/clicked. Also adding the option to send to any emails that are not delivered.
Another feature update under View List inside a list added the option to Filter By. ” Not openers/clickers”
July 21, 2020, Added new sending speed options to send slow. 15,30,60 emails per hour. Sending under 500 emails per hour. The sent counter updates quicker based on speed.
July 5, 2020, DKIM is now supported for multipart email messages. Meaning if you enable the HTML part and text part to be sent we will now sign that message with DKIM.
June 24, 2020, Added support in email campaigns for the List-Unsubscribe-Post: List-Unsubscribe=One-Click which is added by default as long as you have the List-Unsubscribe header enabled.
June 17, 2020, Faster Global Suppressed Bounce suppression system for email marketing and list verify on list upload.
Unique open/clicks with full records can now be exported from reports and logs page.
Reporting account management made easier you can now see the username/reset password from the primary account.
GEOIP databases updated for better location information.
June 1, 2020, Added three options for List Conditions on create/edit campaign: which are is not null, is empty, and is not empty.
Campaign Send Hours added to Create Optin Campaign and Create SMTP Campaign.
May 1, 2020, Paused email marketing campaigns can now be resumed from the edit campaign page. This makes it quicker that trying to find the exact paused campaign under campaign status.
May 1, 2020, Leads – Added OptinMonster integration under Lead Settings. Allows you to auto populate leads from optin monster forms into the leads section.

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