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We’ve Helped them, Can we Help you?

Velocity’s knowledge in the email marketing industry has paid off for other companies within their industries. Here is some insight into who we service and their experience.


We often talk about how email marketing doesn’t have to be for big companies and we have proof. One of our customers is in the marketing business for worldwide independent businesses. He takes their business and markets for them using our software. The Client needed an auto-responder, which was new for our platform. Our exceptional tech support managed to code and create an auto-responder for our client within two hours. He now has all the features that he needs to send and monitor his email campaigns successfully.


On the other hand we have clients that are within the recruiting industry where they help provide 200,000+ jobs for oil engineers. They require a lot of emails to be sent out and sent out properly. Our client has had a 90 percent success rate with us so far and believes that our email software is worth the investment for his business.

What can we do for your company? Contact us and we can get you started right away.

Conversions, a Test of Success

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There is no denying the importance of a Return on Investment (ROI).  Many companies struggle to pin-point their ROI, especially when it comes to the business of advertising.  Depending on the company, your ROI can be tracked differently.  For email marketers, using a software much like Velocity offers, is important.  A feature to our software is being able to create landing pages, which in return can create conversions leading to a return on investment.  The nice part is that the landing pages can be designed to your company’s needs–no “cookie-cutter” templates here!  Choose and create your landing page and start tracking your customer’s clicks.

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The benefit to having a landing page makes it easier for your customers to go from their inbox to your desired destination.  Rather than sending your customers to your homepage, design a separate page where they can, in other words, “cut to the chase.” Chances are, if you send your customer to your homepage, they may never make it to the page you desired.

No one wants to lose on a return of investment.  Try our walk-through and browse our landing page templates.  Still don’t understand landing pages or want to get the walk-through?  Contact us, and we can explain.