Start of 2021

Latest updates for 2021

February 6, 2021, Added Emoji picker to the standard message editor.
February 6, 2021, UTF8 Characters and Emojis now supported in the of body of the messages for email campaigns. Fixes issues with certain characters in email messages not appearing correctly and now supports many foreign character sets. UFT8 is now the default character set when sending out an email.
February 4, 2021, Added a trigger report link when viewing the campaign detail page if there are triggers for the campaign. Gives a way to view stats/reports for the trigger and check the status of each triggered email.
A/B Campaigns also now have the campaign preview button.
January 20, 2021, Progress bar added when uploading a list in email marketing and list verify sections.
January 14, 2021, API Access can now be given to sub users when editing a user permissions.
January 8, 2021, New setting under system settings URL Encode Personalized Fields by default this is enabled and has been the standard behavior. We have added the option turn off that setting which can fix some link encoding issues when passing personalized field variables in a link url.
January 7, 2021, New setting under system settings for email marketing.
Default campaign send hours. The campaign hours can now be set as global default setting instead of having to select the hours for each new campaign.

End End of the year updates

We actually snuck in a few more additions to the system in the final days of 2020!

December 29, 2020, New campaign preview button added on the create campaign page. When clicked a popup will show a the message parts, along subject line, from name. Shows the full message and supports personalization in the subject and message. It takes a contact from the selected list for personalization.
December 23, 2020, Brand Indicators for Message Identification now supported on a domain level.
BIMI attaches your brand’s logo to your authenticated email message
The setting can be found under Domains -> Domain Settings.
Enables and requires DMARC to be set.
Your brand logo must be a svg and must be served from a https url
Currently Yahoo/AOL support it and GMail is beta testing.
December 19, 2020, New stock photos options when using the standard editor in email marketing. There is a photo icon where you can now search for images for your email campaign.

End of Year 2020 Updates

December 9, 2020, New option in the standard editor. Adds Giphy support. Search for thousands of animated gifs to use instead your email campaign by keyword.
November 30, 2020, Campaign triggers now have the option to send in minutes after an action. Added on campaign triggers page the Type and Send Time to see at a glance for all triggers.
November 6, 2020, The standard editor in email marketing now supports folders when browsing an image from image hosting. Also added a folder select on add image.
November 3, 2020, New feature Personalized Url Builder. With this tool you can build a link that passes data from your email marketing list that you send during a campaign to a landing page/website. In addition, we offer a javascript code when placed on the landing page will autofill in the form fields with the data passed to them via the link. For this feature to work each form element that you wish to have filled must have a unique id link in the html code in order to autofill. With this tool you can optimize your marketing campaigns and help increase more conversions though autofilled forms. This feature is found in a couple locations but you can easily find under the Add Message screen in the email marketing section.
November 2, 2020, Added a new setting under System Settings for email marketing. Allow all lists to be used as suppression lists on create/edit campaign sections.
October 21, 2020, Two new list sending behaviors when creating an email campaign. Send only to Openers and Send to Openers/Clickers.
October 10, 2020, Access Logs moved to Manage Users for the primary user to review.
September 12, 2020, Added a 1,000 email send speed setting on create/edit campaign.

Sumner 2020 Updates

August 24, 2020, New List Sending Behavior feature. In create campaign under advanced settings. Allows you to easily send to people who haven’t opened/clicked. Also adding the option to send to any emails that are not delivered.
Another feature update under View List inside a list added the option to Filter By. ” Not openers/clickers”
July 21, 2020, Added new sending speed options to send slow. 15,30,60 emails per hour. Sending under 500 emails per hour. The sent counter updates quicker based on speed.
July 5, 2020, DKIM is now supported for multipart email messages. Meaning if you enable the HTML part and text part to be sent we will now sign that message with DKIM.
June 24, 2020, Added support in email campaigns for the List-Unsubscribe-Post: List-Unsubscribe=One-Click which is added by default as long as you have the List-Unsubscribe header enabled.
June 17, 2020, Faster Global Suppressed Bounce suppression system for email marketing and list verify on list upload.
Unique open/clicks with full records can now be exported from reports and logs page.
Reporting account management made easier you can now see the username/reset password from the primary account.
GEOIP databases updated for better location information.
June 1, 2020, Added three options for List Conditions on create/edit campaign: which are is not null, is empty, and is not empty.
Campaign Send Hours added to Create Optin Campaign and Create SMTP Campaign.
May 1, 2020, Paused email marketing campaigns can now be resumed from the edit campaign page. This makes it quicker that trying to find the exact paused campaign under campaign status.
May 1, 2020, Leads – Added OptinMonster integration under Lead Settings. Allows you to auto populate leads from optin monster forms into the leads section.

April 2020 Updates

April 29, 2020, Two new Zapier Webhooks added. The first is to fetch unsubscribes this hook can be found under Unsubscribe List. The second set of webhooks can be found in the email marketing tab in the main dashboard under the open/click graph called “Webhooks and Zapier Links for Opens/Click”. On this page you can find hooks to fetch openers or clickers we include a video on how to setup this up in Zapier as well.
April 23, 2020, Added a Split Column option by delimiters then inside the list click the Manage Column button and find the split list. From there you select the column to split and then the new column names for the data to go into. Here is an example if you have a field call fullname you can split by using a space delimiter and then create two columns called firstname and lastname.
April 4, 2020, New API output mode csv. In addition to our xml,json output modes we offer the option of display outputted data in comma separated values .

We also added two new API’s getallclicks and getallopens both API’s return all data from all campaigns in the account along with the campaigni id. These API’s can be filtered by date range.

Last added to the view reply the section the ability to view the next/previous message.
April 2, 2020, ViewReply API updated to include a rawfile option giving the option to export the raw file. Sped up the ViewReply API and normal view reply page in cases where the system has already downloaded the reply.

Velocity March 2020 Updates

March 29, 2020, Massive improvement in reply save handling. Fixes issues were replies are not saved in some cases due to RACE conditions. Used a better randomized filename generation, along with a better file append call.
March 28, 2020, Single Sign On now supported. Your login account can now be linked with a single sign-on provider which then can be used and login and access the system.
To enable this feature as a primary user go to Manage Users then click on Single Sign-On Settings. From their you can configure your SSO provider. Once configured users can go to their My Account and link the SSO Provider to their login.
We currently support Microsoft, Azure Active Directory, GSuite, okta. In development is being able to sync users from active directory and respond to events such as a user being added, updated or deleted via active directory.
March 20, 2020, CRM – Added quick links to linkedin for searching company name and persons name. Added a Check SMTP Settings link to the lead settings area to verify your SMTP credentials.
March 8, 2020, Zapier support via webhooks has been added. We have added easier to use webhook interface. Links are provided currently in the following sections. Unsubscribe list to allow unsubscribing a user remotely, View List – which allows adding an email contact to a list. And in the Lead/CRM section on Add Lead – to Add a Lead.

There is a video link that shows how to access it. Only the primary user has access to webhooks.and must have API access.

Updates for February

March 2, 2020, Bounceback handling added for Amazon SES when using Remote SMTP campaign feature. On the SMTP Servers section there is now an endpoint for Amazon SNS topics that you an use and also guide on how to setup bounceback/complaint handling in Amazon.
February 29, 2020, Conversion Tracking improved for email marketing. We have updated the conversion tracking system and it no longer requires unique conversion tracking links to work. Any link sent though a campaign we can now count conversion if you have the conversion tracking pixels setup. To setup conversion track visit System Settings then click the conversion tracking button.
February 26, 2020, Leads/CRM – sequences, lead send emails and logs now support Emoji characters. Lead email templates, sequences now use the title instead of subject field in dropdowns. Sequences check if SMTP is enabled if so that is checked by default when setting up new sequence.
February 25, 2020, Remote SMTP Campaigns now support schedule send hours the same as normal campaigns. In addition, you can now use a Remote SMTP Host under Create A/B campaign feature in the “Show IP Rotation Settings” section.
Leads/CRM for email tracking the last open time is now displayed under email logs.
February 23, 2020, Leads/CRM now support OAuth for Gmail/GSuite under lead settings to send emails on behalf of your account when using the leads system.
February 19, 2020, Image file hosting now uses the original filename plus image id to generate friendly filenames.
Createcampaign and editcampaign API now supports the priority field details found in the API tab.
February 18, 2020, Emoji’s now supported in triggers, sequences and quick send emails.
February 16, 2020, Folder select option added on Create Campaign. Useful if you have many lists in your account and are using the folder feature to find the list you want quicker

Night Mode!

We have implemented a new might mode theme! Which can be easier on the eyes. Details: Night Mode Theme option which can be accessed in the top right corner switch on or off. This can also be turned on and off under the MyAccount area in the Home Tab.If you switch into other accounts it keeps your Night Mode preference.

Night Mode Velocity Email Marketing

January Updates

January 31, 2020, View Replies updates to the view reply section. Now when sending a follow-up email reply message, the contents are now stored and recorded. There is a section is called email correspondence which contains all the emails sent to that reply, along with send/email status. Also changed on the view reply page. The full headers and attachments sections are now collapsed by default. Along with the addition of reply to buttons after the html message.
January 21, 2020, New Drag and Drop email editor for email marketing. This is included in bulk email marketing plans that have a least one million emails per month. Otherwise the fee is $20 a month for the email editor. Comes with 10 premade layouts to choose from. Existing html documents will need to be recoded in the editor for use.
January 20, 2020, Add/Edit Lead added option for Timezone which comes in use when contacts are located in other timezones for follow-ups.

Added a preview whois footer link on the customize whois preview page.
For the createcampaign and sendsingleapi the profileid and whois will be filled if not passed if there is only a single one existing in the account.
January 17, 2020, Added a new setting “Disable WYSIWYG editor” under Email Marketing -> System Settings This disables the editor for create message and edit message in email marketing. Instead a texbox just appears to enter html code.
January 7, 2020, Updated some of the user agent detections to include Windows 10/8 and the edge browser. Will be working on others as well to reduce the number of unknowns in open/click logs.
January 3, 2020, Added a link to export unique opens or unique clicks from the open log and click log.

End of Year Updates!

Coming to the close of 2019 we delivered some new updates to the system that you may find useful.

December 31, 2019, Two new reporting columns options. Unique Views and Unique Clicks. Can be set via campaign preferences button. This is calculated once per hour and for 14 days after a campaign starts or if you view the open log or click log directly.
December 29, 2019, New replies download feature to outlook in email marketing. We now provide an option to download replies to outlook or another email client. We provide POP/IMAP login information under the view replies section.
There is also a link to a webmail interface as well.
December 26, 2019, New catchall system added for List Verify, uses our database of known catchall domains to find them. Also added many new list verification api’s for the list verify service.
December 25, 2019, Added option in list verify to upload a list by url. Also fixed upload list by url in the email marketing section as well.