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Tis’ the Season

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As much as we do or don’t want to realize it, the holidays are right around the corner. With only 18 more Fridays until Christmas and Thanksgiving in little over two months, email marketing should be your go-to when it comes to advertising for holiday shopping. Email marketing is an easy way to track your advertisements and make sure they are seen by your customers. Who wants to wait to get something in the mail? Send it directly to their inbox where they can view it on their computers or mobile devices. With a software like Velocity’s there is nothing to download. You just log in to our system where you can send and track everything from one place. So for your next campaign, think about a download-free and hassle-free way to get the word out before the time is up.


We have many different options when it comes to pricing and we are currently running a promotion for new clients. Call a sales rep and set up your account along with your promotion.

Conversions, a Test of Success

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There is no denying the importance of a Return on Investment (ROI).  Many companies struggle to pin-point their ROI, especially when it comes to the business of advertising.  Depending on the company, your ROI can be tracked differently.  For email marketers, using a software much like Velocity offers, is important.  A feature to our software is being able to create landing pages, which in return can create conversions leading to a return on investment.  The nice part is that the landing pages can be designed to your company’s needs–no “cookie-cutter” templates here!  Choose and create your landing page and start tracking your customer’s clicks.

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The benefit to having a landing page makes it easier for your customers to go from their inbox to your desired destination.  Rather than sending your customers to your homepage, design a separate page where they can, in other words, “cut to the chase.” Chances are, if you send your customer to your homepage, they may never make it to the page you desired.

No one wants to lose on a return of investment.  Try our walk-through and browse our landing page templates.  Still don’t understand landing pages or want to get the walk-through?  Contact us, and we can explain.

Utilizing Your Resources

Social Media

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Of course we know how important the use of social media is today in this century.  But do we really utilize it?  When searching for a bulk email marketing software, be sure to make sure they offer social media integration. With our leading marketing software, you are able to share your marketing campaigns through several social media outlets.  By not engaging in social media, your next campaign is losing out on prospective clientele.

For some it can be a daunting task but nevertheless important.  With Velocity, it’s easy!  Choose your platform and create your campaign.

For more information on our social media integration or our services, give us a call or write us.  We want to hear from you!

Recent Updates to the Software 12/5/2011

December 5, 2011, New feature: Landing pages and form builder for Email Marketing. Landing pages and webpages can now be created and stored on the sending server. A built in form builder to build data capture pages. The forms can be embedded into the landing pages or on your own website. The submission data can be viewed inside the system and options to notify via email on new submission.
December 4, 2011, CRM/Lead system autochecking of incoming leads for possible spam/garbage leads. Checks the ip/email address of the lead against a database for spam checking.
December 1, 2011, New feature under Reputation Central option to decode a spam report in case a report is received from a server provider and the email address is stripped out.
November 30, 2011, Added setting under MyAccount to control the default number of items per page. Can be set to either 10,25,50,100,500, or 1000.
November 22, 2011, Added sorting by clicking on column name for View Lists, Campaign Reports and Campaign Status
November 19, 2011, Minor tweaks: Added ability to remove errored lists, and edit errored campaigns which can allow switching of sending profiles. The number of whitelisted credits now displayed when creating whitelisted campaign and whitelisted package size display on the homepage
November 18, 2011, Customize Message Footer option added under System Settings in email marketing. Allows customizing of the layout of the CAN-SPAM footer information for html and text based messages. The system checks that the required elements are included.
November 15, 2011, Added option to view A/B campaign results for subject lines, from names, messages, and from addresses. This feature is located under campaign detail called View Campaign A/B Data and is found near the bottom of that page above the campaign graph.

Software Updates

November 14, 2011, New Campaign type: Create A/B Campaign adds the following extra features: Rotating of subject lines, from names, from addresses and messages. Includes two types of rotation either rotate in order or randomly. We are are also working on detailed reports to show which rotation combination’s are effective.
November 9, 2011, Redid the check domain and ip reputation system. New system is faster no longer have to wait for the page to load completely.
November 6, 2011, Click, View, Conversion logs can now be exported under view campaign detail. Added select image hosting domain button under view image for image hosting.
October 20, 2011, Hotmail/msn/ feedback loops now supported. Processes replies.
October 18, 2011, API is now supported for the system. This can be found in the API tab in the software. Over the next couple of weeks we will be adding support for more api calls for the software.

Recent Updates

October 15, 2011, Reputation Central added to email marketing. Is a monitoring system that can watch your ip/domain reputation. The system checks over 250 different blacklists daily. To turn on monitoring for your domains and ip’s visit the domains/ip’s area in the sidebar of email marketing and check them off. Then click on the monitoring button and the system is ready to go.
October 12, 2011, Added another check when campaign is launched to make sure tracking is working correctly. Also friendly error message if an excel file is uploaded to the system and fails advises to convert to csv.
October 1, 2011, Plain text messages now supported along with html in email marketing. To include/edit a plain text message. Click on the edit message and near the top of the html editor is a link to edit the text message portion. Then to use the plain text portion on create campaign there is a checkbox to include it. We also have a default setting to keep it checked under system settings. Also added a messageid header included in every email that is sent out.
September 14, 2011, Reporting accounts. We now have the feature where you can run campaigns inside your main account then have them displayed in a new account with just the reporting of the campaign. Cost is based on each seat/account that is created. Contact your account manager for details.

Updates to the Software

September 9, 2011, MD5 suppression lists are now supported using upload suppression. The md5 hash needs to be either one per line or if multiple columns must be found in the email column. If the list is uploaded correctly it will say MD5 next to the list name in the view lists page.
September 9, 2011, New feature data feeds. Data feeds allow you to setup data downloads using a secure download link to access lists in your account. Feeds can be password protected, have an expire date and max number of downloads. This is an excellent tool for data providers to give secure access to clients that purchase data. This feature can be found under View Lists and then click on the Data Feeds button.
September 8, 2011, Added revenue tracking option for conversions. You can now pass a revenue amount on a conversion. Also added a conversion log link on view campaign to view conversions that occurred. Shows email, date, revenue, ip and country.
September 6, 2011, Added user level sub permissions You can control what sub users under your account have access to. To use this feature in the home tab click on the edit user link. If you have multiple users there is permissions link which allows you to setup their permissions. Also added two new permissions for resellers to control whether the manage columns and clean list features are enabled for their sub clients.
September 4, 2011, Bulk Image uploader added under image hosting. Allows the option to select multiple images from a folder and upload them all.
September 3, 2011, Added Folders to View Lists. Folders can now be created to store and organize lists. There is no limit on the number of folders or subfolder levels that can be made. To add a folder or move items to a folder under view lists click on the Folder Options button.
August 25, 2011, Added IP address column and country column to the click and open logs.

Recent Updates

August 18, 2011, Added new feature to do multiple search conditions on view list using and or searches. This feature is found using the search button when you are inside an email list. Also added option to do greater or lesser than as a search type.
August 17, 2011, New feature for exporting for email lists you can now select which columns you wish to export.
August 11, 2011, New feature 404 image and link checking added as an option on add message, upload message, and edit message. Also for email marketing searching columns on view list in addition searching columns on what they contain. You can now search by equals, not equals, starts with and ends with. Leads system you can now sort by last update date, followup date, and status

Updates to our Software

We have been working tirelessly to improve our Email marketing software. Here is a list of features since the last update:

August 1, 2011, New setting under system settings for email marketing called Add Google Analytics Tracking to links which allows you to tie your email marketing campaigns into Google Analytics. Tracking includes the campaignid, email as the medium and the email contact id.
July 30, 2011, Added secure campaign report links. This feature can be used to show a client reporting without having to login. This link is found under view campaign above the campaign log graph. The reporting shows campaign stats. Along with open/clicks in the last 24 hour period and daily clicks/opens report with graphs.
July 29, 2011, All opens are now logged containing the email address and date of the open. This open data along with the click log will be used to generate better reporting features
July 28, 2011, Logging of every campaign link click has been added. Now under view campaign there is a Click Log link. Which shows all the emails that clicked and what link they clicked.
July 23, 2011, Multiple suppression lists now supported on create campaign. Hold the control key and select multiple suppression lists or click and hold
July 20, 2011, Video tutorials have been added under the Support tab for email marketing. We will be expanding them over the coming weeks
Added default campaign sending speed setting under System Settings and added multiple email address unsubscribe under unsubscribe list
Added ReSend campaign option under campaign reports under options button. Loads the settings of a previous campaign into the create campaign page for faster campaign creation

Guest Columns

We have received a recent request to write a guest column. While we are not accepting guest columns, we will gladly take requests for blog post topics into consideration. So if there is a certain topic you would like to see on the blog, leave a comment below and you  might just see it in the future!

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