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Our Clientele Is Building!


As of yesterday, our software had a milestone. We reached a campaign count of 1 million. We want to thank all of our loyal customers for using our software. We hope to continue to grow more and more with your help and continued use of our software. Remember, we do have a referral promotion. For more information about our referral promotion or other current promos, give one of our sales guys a call. 800.351.6893

Gearing Up for the Super Bowl


Yes, February is approaching and that means another crazy month for marketers. Every February we are thrown into the whirl of not just celebrating the Hallmark holiday of Valentine’s Day, but also watching America’s favorite sport, football. With football pools underway, many cannot wait to watch the approaching Super Bowl. Every year, businesses pay tons of money to put ads on TV during the famous game. But as a business, something to think about is your other outlets of marketing. Think of marketing on social media outlets with hashtags. For example, if you are looking to market certain tweets or Facebook posts during the Super Bowl, then use hashtags such as #superbowlXLIX, #SBXLIX or you can even use hashtags for the teams. You can’t forget about the new ways of marketing and younger generations using these outlets.

If you are looking for a platform or software that include social media integration, try out our software. By contacting our sales team you can try a demo before purchasing to see all that we have to offer.

Achieving Better Delivery

email comp

We know the importance of delivery and we want to help our customers achieve a better delivery.  In this post we want to talk about the different sending speed options that we offer with our software.  Not all sending speeds are the same, which means each list needs to have its own sending speed.  By sending just at default, sometime things get sent too quickly which can be a bad thing.  For more information, take a look at our FAQ section or you can contact your sales rep to get more advice on sending speeds.

Welcome, 2015!


New Year, new marketing?  This may be a question your company keeps pondering, and if so, think about emailing.  Traditional marketing seems to have made its way out and the new “in” form of marketing is social media and email.  This can yield a faster turn around for customers to buy or visit your business.  The better aspect of email marketing, or new marketing, versus traditional is the quick call-to-action.  People get your brochures, sales, promotions and updates all in their news feeds and in-boxes. With the proper subject line, personalization and content, you can create a great brand awareness.  Make a great first impression this new year, and start your company on the right foot.

Call our sales team today to see what we can offer your company.



Get Better Traffic with SEO

Most of the time search engine optimization (SEO) can be misunderstood.  However, it should not go without notice the importance of making your website search engine friendly.  It makes the difference of your business appearing on page one and two versus 36.  By having your website checked for search engine content and proper tags, you can appear to potential clients right away searching in your industry.  Google on a regular basis changes their SEO guidelines so it is equally important to stay on top of the latest SEO revisions.

If you are not sure about SEO or if your website is not up to par with SEO, let us know.  We can help and get you more traffic with the use of proper optimization tools.  Give us a call and we can get you started on something to get your business more recognition.


All About Ad:Tech NY

Ad:Tech New York was a great experience for Velocity. We were able to meet so many different companies and owners. We want to thank those that took the time to stop by our booth and chat with our sales team. If you missed us at Ad:Tech, you can still learn about our software online. Visit our website and see what we can offer your business. Have any questions? Give us a call Monday thru Friday from 9 am to 5 pm CST.

Catch Us at Ad:Tech NY

In the New York area the next couple days? Catch us at Ad:Tech, held at the Javits Center. From Wednesday, November 5th through Thursday, November 6th you can find us at booth 939. We will provide you with knowledge on our email marketing software, social media, SEO, list verify and much more. We will also have a promotion running through these next couple days for the expo. Not attending but still want a promotion? Give one of our sales guys a call and mention this blog post. We will get your next email campaign started today! Call 1-800-351-6893

New System Updates

We are all about updating our system at Velocity and we have made quite a few in the last couple of weeks.  Since the beginning of October we have updated DKIM keys for all domains which gets faster open/click graphs, trigger page updates, a reorganized FAQ center, new options for stats on campaigns, a “use feedback loop suppression”, which helps with sender scores, new options for mobile friendly templates, sending speed limits and a new access log system.  Yes, all of these updates in just a few weeks.

These system feature updates are to make using our software effortless.  If you are having problems with these features or want to know more about our software, let us know.

All About SEO, Socia Media and Blogging Combined with Email Marketing

Email marketing is important, but it can prove to be even more beneficial with the use of search engine optimization (SEO), social media and blogging. Using all of these metrics combined is a great way to increase awareness of your brand. Besides building awareness, you are also engaging with clients and prospective clients while driving traffic to your sites from your social media outlets. Posting links to your website, blog and even landing pages is a great way to get your social followers engaged with one click.

Having keywords is important in making your companies desired sites search engine friendly. By having the right keywords coded correctly, it allows your website to gain more traffic over those that might not have proper SEO or relative content.

After you start driving all of this traffic from search engine optimization, social media and blogs, it is important to track these consumers that are interested in your links posted. Velocity Marketing Software comes equipped with a CRM system which works essentially like a social media platform. It allows you to manage relationships with your prospective clients all in one place. Our CRM system is in the cloud and allows you to access it right through the web-based software.

When thinking about marketing, think email. But also think about linking your email marketing with SEO, social media and blogs. It will allow your company to grow and engage with clients. Don’t let your message stop at their in-boxes, let them see you on their news feeds and search engines as well.

Call us today to see how we can benefit your company with SEO, social media and blogging features. Our knowledgeable sales reps are waiting to hear from you.

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Getting Acquainted with Locals

Velocity is looking to do more local business and help businesses in the area.  We became a member of the Lombard Chamber of Commerce and Industry.  We look forward to attending events and meeting people in the area.  If you would like to get started on an email marketing campaign, let us know.  Our educated staff with help you with any questions or concerns.  Contact us, today.

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