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System Updates in recap for Last Week

March 3, 2014, New feature for optin form builder. if you have the leads tab there is now an option to copy the data from the optin form to the leads section.Also under image hosting in email marketing there is now button that allows you to change out the image hosting domain on a message.
March 1, 2014, On the optin form builder get code page and the form build builder code page there is now a link to create a landing page based upon the generated code with one click.ISP Organization now shown on ip detail page.Replies for reply capture area are now only stored for 30 days after that they are autoarchived.

February 27, 2014, Auto handles replies capture emails that have unsubscribe or optout in the subject line to auto unsubscribe them from the account.New setting Smart IP Rotation which has been enabled by default under system settings. Now allows you turn that feature off or on.

Block IP’s from opening/clicking

New option in email marketing to block ip’s from opening/clicking in an email campaign. This feature is located in unsubscribe list in email marketing and by clicking the Block IP’s button.

Can be useful to filter unwanted ip’s click/views from a campaign.



Timezone select added!

New timezone select feature to adjust the system dates for all display areas in the system. To set this click on the Home tab then click on My Account and choose your timezone.

Note: campaign creation and other select box/input fields are still in CST time. But anywhere else were the time is displayed  should be in the timezone you select.



Email Marketing Software Updates

Added server level maxbroadcaster setting for users with multiple servers and many broadcasters to not allow a server to get overloaded with too many campaigns scheduled for that server.
You can see the broadcaster level for your servers in your account under the servers link in email marketing.
Remote SMTP Campaigns redone and now restored in email marketing. Better performance and nearly the same features as a normal email create campaign. In order to use the Remote SMTP server feature you must have an SMTP server added under the SMTP server link. And the SMTP server must support basic login authentication since that is the only method supported at this time.

FTP Import and Export For Email Lists

FTP import and export system added for email lists.

Under Add List there is a section called Import FTP/Manage FTP Accounts where you can add ftp accounts and import data from those accounts into your account. FTP import works with any of the following file types .csv, .txt, .xls, .xlsx and .zip containing any of the previous file formats.

In addition to importing data there is an option to export your list now to an FTP account from that same Manage FTP Accounts area. The option can be found when viewing a list in the export list button. When clicked shows a select where you can choose to export to an FTP account.

ftp1 ftp2 ftp3

Engagement scoring system added to Velocity Email Marketing. Each list in email marketing now contains an enagementscore column. Every email in a list starts off at zero.

When a view or click occurs a points are added to the engamentscore column. More points are awarded for clicks then views.

Using this engagement score system will allow you to see which emails/users are responding the most and to generate a responsive list.

Spin Text feature!

New spinning text feature for email marketing allows better message randomization.
The spin tag works both in the html and text part of the messages.

Spin Tag Syntax {SPIN=TEXTTOSPINHERE|ANOTHERWORD}  You can have multiple words to spin just by adding the | character to seperate each word.

Examples below:
{SPIN=This|Here} is {SPIN=some|a {SPIN=little|wee} bit of} {SPIN=example|sample|paragraph} text.


API Permissions and Import List By Url

Added sorting of columns for view/click percent and email status breakdowns on the campaign reports and campaign status pages. New features for API . You can now create additional API keys and setup permissions for those API’s keys for each API. And also set limits on list and campaign access based on their id.
New feature import email list by url added as a new option to add a list to the email marketing system. Also we added the uploadlistbyurl api for email to the API section which can be used as well.

New Settings for Email Marketing

We have added a new settings and features for email marketing.
Under Email Marketing – System Settings:
1. Default Max Connections Per Domain  – This setting limits the number of connections for all domains that are tried at a time. The sending speed setting does not matter as much since you can now send very fast but with max connections limits how much mail goes out at a time.  Domains that are part of Domain Delivery Groups overrides this setting if you have domain delivery groups enabled for the campaign. The default setting is 5.  Use 0 to disable this feature
2. Timedout and Blocked Retry Attempts  – Number of times to retry timedout and blocked response.
3. Timed Out Wait Time – The time to wait between each blocked and timed out before retrying again.
4. Character Set for Email Messages  – Two settings ascii or utf8. Utf8 allows encoding of the subject line/from name and supports more international characters. – The default setting is ASCII

New campaign feature:
When creating a campaign under advanced settings there is now an option to use a different domain for tracking then the sending domain.
The tracking domain can be any other profile used in the account.

Syntax Colors and Line Numbers added to Source Code View In Message Editor

A couple neat updates in the message editor we added to source viewline numbers and syntax editing and new options for editing html headers and background properties for email messages and landing pages using the message editor. There is now an icon called document properties which allows you to edit the title tag, other head tag settings, and control the background appearance. Also landing pages now have the insert from imagehosting button to insert images into a landing page from your imagehosting.