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Getting Acquainted with Locals

Velocity is looking to do more local business and help businesses in the area.  We became a member of the Lombard Chamber of Commerce and Industry.  We look forward to attending events and meeting people in the area.  If you would like to get started on an email marketing campaign, let us know.  Our educated staff with help you with any questions or concerns.  Contact us, today.

Remember to also Follow us on Twitter and connect on LinkedIn.

Landing Page Buzz


Do your campaigns have a landing page?  If not, now is the time to get one.  With an email marketing software like Velocity’s you can create a custom landing page.  But wait–the best part is you can create leads from having landing pages.  More leads means more sales.  Make sure your landing pages are optimized.  Start getting landing pages today and watch the leads roll in.  Velocity’s software offers 50 plus landing page templates, which can be ordered once you choose a template to your liking.  From there, we can customize it to meet your needs.  To get information about our landing pages, give us a call.


New Software Update


Velocity is now offering landing page templates.  Now you can make it easy for your customers to click and go right to any page you choose. Choose from 50+ templates.  Here are some of the full details.

How it works:

  • View templates under the email marketing tab in our software
  • Click on landing pages in right column
  • Click on landing pages template button
  • Choose a template by clicking to view
  • To order, click on request pricing information
  • Allow us to customize your template to your needs.


Also, we can connect your landing page or pages to our lead/crm system and build a PURL support into your landing pages.


Questions about our landing pages or how to locate them?  Contact us!

Delivery Tips

new mail

We have been speaking about the importance of delivery, which is nothing new to email marketers, but nevertheless important.  After much research and reading, we’d like to share some important tips with you, according to Marketing Land.  They provided an article that provides insight on successful deliverability.  Here is just a quick sum-up of the article.


Tip 1: Get a good ESP to prevent hard bounces.

As an email marketer, nothing is probably more annoying than to see bad addresses or bad domains.  You’re probably also aware of being blocked, all leading to your email never being read.

Make sure to verify and validate your subscribers.  Velocity’s software can remove hard bounce email addresses.


Tip 2: Clean your list of users


If your list has a high volume of users that have not engaged, they are not doing your list any good.  Marketing Land suggests that a small list of highly engaged users yields a higher ROI.

If they have not shown intent in 90 days, move them to a different list.  You can still use them in the future.

Tip 3: Personalize Emails


The saying “you’ve only got one shot”, holds true in this instance for email marketers.  Tailoring your content to your users will help your email wind up in the right inbox.  If you are collecting their information, why not use it to increase a successful delivery.

Tip 4: Use a Single IP Address Per Each Type of Email

A lot of marketing emails end up in the spam folder.  By having one IP for every email type it helps increase the success of the delivery rate–even if people say your email is spam.

Tip 5: IP Bonding

Marketing Land suggests using IP Bonding for larger email sends.  When you are sending large amounts of emails at once, it is best to spread them out over several IPs.


Remember, delivery is never guaranteed.  See the full article, and see full descriptions on how to be smart when delivering.


Load/Sync your own domains from your registrar

Sync/Load your own domains from your own Namecheap/Moniker account. We now support importing of domains from your own Moniker/Namecheap account this feature can be found under Domains then clicking on the Domain Registrars button.
Inside Domain Registrars you are now able to link to multiple support registrars and load the domains from the linked accounts into the system. Once loaded into the system you can either proceed with the domain setup options or delete the domains you do not want to use.

The domain setup creation automatically setups up the private nameservers for the domain and then you can put a request in with support to setup the sending profiles for that domain.

One note for the api’s you must add the system ip to the registrars api access settings in order for the sync domain process to work.

System Updates in recap for Last Week

March 3, 2014, New feature for optin form builder. if you have the leads tab there is now an option to copy the data from the optin form to the leads section.Also under image hosting in email marketing there is now button that allows you to change out the image hosting domain on a message.
March 1, 2014, On the optin form builder get code page and the form build builder code page there is now a link to create a landing page based upon the generated code with one click.ISP Organization now shown on ip detail page.Replies for reply capture area are now only stored for 30 days after that they are autoarchived.

February 27, 2014, Auto handles replies capture emails that have unsubscribe or optout in the subject line to auto unsubscribe them from the account.New setting Smart IP Rotation which has been enabled by default under system settings. Now allows you turn that feature off or on.

Block IP’s from opening/clicking

New option in email marketing to block ip’s from opening/clicking in an email campaign. This feature is located in unsubscribe list in email marketing and by clicking the Block IP’s button.

Can be useful to filter unwanted ip’s click/views from a campaign.



Timezone select added!

New timezone select feature to adjust the system dates for all display areas in the system. To set this click on the Home tab then click on My Account and choose your timezone.

Note: campaign creation and other select box/input fields are still in CST time. But anywhere else were the time is displayed  should be in the timezone you select.



Email Marketing Software Updates

Added server level maxbroadcaster setting for users with multiple servers and many broadcasters to not allow a server to get overloaded with too many campaigns scheduled for that server.
You can see the broadcaster level for your servers in your account under the servers link in email marketing.
Remote SMTP Campaigns redone and now restored in email marketing. Better performance and nearly the same features as a normal email create campaign. In order to use the Remote SMTP server feature you must have an SMTP server added under the SMTP server link. And the SMTP server must support basic login authentication since that is the only method supported at this time.

FTP Import and Export For Email Lists

FTP import and export system added for email lists.

Under Add List there is a section called Import FTP/Manage FTP Accounts where you can add ftp accounts and import data from those accounts into your account. FTP import works with any of the following file types .csv, .txt, .xls, .xlsx and .zip containing any of the previous file formats.

In addition to importing data there is an option to export your list now to an FTP account from that same Manage FTP Accounts area. The option can be found when viewing a list in the export list button. When clicked shows a select where you can choose to export to an FTP account.

ftp1 ftp2 ftp3